Sunday, August 2, 2015

Greece Updates ( August 2 , 2015 ) - Varoufakis warns Spain could see same fate as Greece .... Bailout Talks Updates ..... Greece Stock Market Update ..... Thoughts on the state of Greece's debt - is it unpayable - and if yes , what should be done ....... Day to Day life in Greece items.....



2 August 338 BCE: battle of Chaeronea. Philip II defeats Thebans & Athenians, establishing supremacy in Greece.

2.6 earthquake close to Makedonia Thraki, Greece at 08:24 UTC!

 Socialist Workers' Party criticises , calls for mass actions against bailout  

Unpaid obligations (electr bills) 2 PPC Dec'11: 0.7bn Dec'12: 1 Dec'13: 1.3 Dec'14: 1.7 Mar'15: 1.9 Jul'15: 2 (via )

Day of losses seen ahead for reopened Greek stock market via

The diktat on Greece signposts Germany’s break with its entire post-WWII European policy. By Joschka Fischer

Varoufakis could 'become '

Galbraith sheds light on Varoufakis working group

Greece may seek up to 24 billion in 1st new aid tranche: paper

Will Greece ever go ahead with the bail-out reforms?

Report: Greece Planned German Corruption Probes in ‘Grexit’ Scenario

Greek Markets Open in 24 hours BUT..... - Greece is not China.

Europe's centre-left has failed to exploit capitalism's current crisis

Renegotiating Greece’s debt James Hamilton explains why neither GR's current debt not any new loans will be repaid.

If you accept GR debt is unpayable ( consider IMF call for a 20 year moratorium ) , next step is a general moratorium 1

which by the way , has occurred in the past and thus can't be claimed unthinkable ( Germany. ) 2

Patients to pay EOPYY doctors next week as medics protest at overdue fees

Some train, Proastiakos services to be cancelled on Monday

Greece is not Argentina. Or is it? Populist parallels between Europe and Latin America

Central Athens (from a couple of nights ago)

Aims to Lift Controls by Oct, Deputy PM Tells Real News. (BBG)

not turning on debt relief for despite pressure - will also stand firm?

Bailout talks gain pace amid tensions

Leros island 278 under unbearable heat in the yard of port police station 1/8/2015