Saturday, August 29, 2015

Greece Special Report ( August 29 , 2015 ) ...... IMF disappointingly states debt relief does not involve debt cancellation - focus will be on extending maturities / lowering interest rates and more grace periods- blah ....... Saturday morning political update for Sept 20th snap Elections , additional polling data ...... Sad / tragic Refugee updates......

Morning tweets......

Greece .....

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Communist party head slams Popular Unity

On , former PM Alexis says no going back, will work to ensure a better future.

Greece: fixed. style

IMF's Christine Lagarde says restructuring should suffice for Greek debt via

To Protest Austerity, These ATMs Dispensed Greece's Old Currency via

Public debt (% of GDP) Greece: 172% Italy: 133% Portugal: 126% Spain: 99% France: 97% UK: 91% Germany: 70% Netherlands: 68% Brazil: 63%

Among some self-serving stuff, an astute observation by Varoufakis about Greece's Euro dilemma

Migrant crisis in EU: Germany welcomes, others turn a blind eye

So Mrs Merkel may have a heart after all Meanwhile in more poor souls arrive

A man carries his daughter as they walk to cross the border from Greece to Macedonia, by

Greece edges closer to EU migration funds

A quiet afternoon at the port of See all the boats waiting to transport people? Me neither.

Vincent van Gogh Landscape under a Stormy Sky, 1888 @ Fondation Socindec Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Seems to fit  ---  when looking at GR politics.....

Meimarakis (public address): I want at least two debates, including one-on-one with Mr Tsipras; I accept beforehand any terms he wants.

I finished a 2-part write-up on the upcoming greek elections:

Communist party head slams Popular Unity

Popular Unity: is the exponent of the new Memorandum class.

Popular Unity's Lapavitsas & Tsanaka latest politicos to have eggs thrown. Will we have Greek John Prescott?

Weighing our options

poll [ALCO/]:
Syriza 22.6% ND 21.1% Golden Dawn 6.3% Potami 5.1% ΚΚΕ 4.7% PASOK 4.1% LAE 4% EK 3% ANEL 2.4%


Marc Poll - Alpha TV
SYRIZA 25.3% ND 23.2 Potami 5.8 G Dawn 5.5 PASOK 4.4 KKE 4.2 Pop Unity 3.8 Cent Union 3.8 Ind Grks 3 Other 2.2

I've just found out what the campaign slogan will be


Tsipras addresses 's first pre-election party meeting. He says he does not regret for bailout ►/ Via

planning to endorse politicians from wider center-left spectrum as candidates. No intention to enrich party w / young ppl.

Greece to offer ‘war relief’ to Greek-origin Ukrainians -

"Europe didn't seem to care what happened to econ as long as the euro zone's financial system was protected"

And Popular Unity's Lafazanis is the 2nd least popular party leader, according to the UoM/ poll.

UoM/ poll suggests Tsipras' popularity ratings have fallen from 70% in March to 29.5%. ND's Meimarakis at 26%

2 PMs and political careers built on pro-anti MoU divide line, 73% in this poll don't find relevant anymore