Sunday, August 30, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( August 30 , 2015 ) ..... Greece Election Updates ( Election Primer & First Look at Polls / Possible Coalitions from Q ; Today's newsworthy items of note touching on Sept 20th Snap Election ; Refugee situation updates - touching more so on Greece ) ..... Europe broadly ( Morning items from UK , Spain , Russia , Ukraine , Refugee situation - focus on broader Europe , Germany ) .........Asia In Focus ( China - various items of note ; Malaysian protests continue against corruption of Prime Minister ; Japan items of note - economic item , Tokyo protest over P.M Abe's security policies )

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China and Asia about to step up to the plate later  this evening ....

Black(er) Monday Looms: Dow Futures Down 220 After J-Hole Speech & China Fold

Sounds like a financial pogrom .....

They do say confession is good for the soul ....

MORE: China’s Public Security Ministry says to continue to investigate & arrest whoever spread rumours on social media to cause market panic

MORE: Those criminals spread rumours to cause market panic and mislead the society and investors and they deserve to be arrested - Xinhua

Malaysia Bans The Color Yellow As Protests Swell Into The Hundreds Of Thousands dog


's autumn tourism expected to generate 3.2 billion euros

PASOK leader : "We would have never reached this point had it not been for the catastrophic 5 year rule of ND, btw 2004-2009."

BREAKING: Plane crashes at Austrian airshow, pilot killed (Pic via )

See this map? This is the Greek EEZ. You can see the Egyptian one. Today is a historic day, the gas field that was>

BREAKING Eni discovers what it calls a ‘supergiant’ gasfield off the coast of Egypt - via

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This picture is taken on One House Bay in Greece. The water is so clear that the boat seems to be floating on air.

Election Primer ( H/T - Q )

For English speaking readers, here is a short primer on elections, parties and polls in Greece.

And here is a first look at polls and possible coalitions in the upcoming Greek elections:

poll KapaResearch 29/8:
Syriza 27.3% ND 24.2 GDa 6.8 Potami 5.5 KKE 5 PopUn 4.8 Pasok 4.3 CenUn 3.3 Anel 3 Others 2.6 UNDECIDED 13.2

Heinz-Jürgen Axt: " needs a grand coalition" via

Kouvelakis just confirmed what's gonna be official tmrrw: Zoe will run for

Financially strapped struggles with flood of refugees via

fleeing war find new route to Europe – via the Arctic Circle via

What is election campaign policy debate about refugees? See answer below.

Just in: Syriza publish their govt policy paper. Here's part re migration & refugee policies.

The race to the centre. The converging, then merging lines of "euro at any cost" alliances v

Europe Broadly.....

Good morning from . The weather gives everyone the chance to have one last summer hurrah.

Britain attacks 'broken' EU migration system, demands tighter rules

's hear-me-roar strategy toward Russia 'is extremely dangerous'

German Mayor receives violent threats after opening refugee shelter

Rukhsan Muhammed, a young Syrian woman who tried but failed to keep her 18 month old son afloat on her suitcase

LATEST: Felipe González Compares Catalan Separatist Movement To Rise Of Fascism In Major El País Op-Ed

Thousands of Syrians wait in Turkey's city of Izmir to make the hazardous boat trip to Europe

New arrest in Hungary over Austrian migrant tragedy

What do foreign tourists spend their cash on in Spain? Interactive study from BBVA reveals all

German FinMin Schäuble expects interest payments for German govt bonds to rise next year, Spiegel reports.

  • Youth unemployment in EU 1 Greece 2 Spain 3 Italy 8 France 10 Romania 11 Sweden 20 Britain 26 Estonia 28 Germany

  • Asia......

    prepares surprise for China during

    BREAKING: China's securities regulator CSRC chief met top heads at 50 major brokerages Saturday, urging them to continue to stabilize market

    BREAKING: CSRC chair Xiao Gang ordered in Saturday meeting that 50 major brokerages must continue to support gov to buy stocks - local media

    BREAKING: CSRC chair Xiao also urged 50 big brokerages to continue to contribute capital to state agency for margin finance to stabilize mkt

    MORE: Participants at Saturday meeting w/ CSRC include chairman, presidents at 50 big brokerages, Sina Finance & other local media reported

    Death toll in China warehouse blast in rises to 150

    LATEST: Malaysia's ex-PM calls for 'people power' mass protests to topple govt

    Malaysian officials threaten action against anti-Najib protesters; vows '1 million supporters' will stage rival rally

    While Japan has 50% chance of over next 5yrs, US & Eurozone have no more than 20%.

    Premier Li Says No Basis for Yuan’s Continued Depreciation.

    Extra! Extra! Japan rocked by huge anti-government protests. Thousands surround Parliament amid heavy police presence

    Protest against security bills in , Japan © Aflo Co. Ltd./Alamy

    Happening Now in In spite of rain, 120,000+ people protest Abe's security policies.