Saturday, August 29, 2015

Asia Morning Report ( August 29 , 2015 ) - A quick look at China events , Japan items of note and broader Asia - Bangkok blast suspect arrested - believed to be a turkish national !

Morning tweets.....

China .....

China Bank Lending Cap Scrapped by Top Legislature, Xinhua Says

BREAKING: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hosted cabinet meeting to discuss "changes in international financial situation"

Chinese Premier: Recent global market volatility adds new pressure on Chinese economy, adds new impact on Chinese financial markets, exports

Chinese Premier: Financial stability is top priority beyond anything; there is no "foundation" to allow to continue to devalue further

Chinese Premier: Chinese Gov will strengthen and improve "risk management" and will defend "bottom-line to avoid any regional systemic risk"

Economic anxiety turns Chinese consumers frugal- big task for gov't to boost animal spirits, rebalance to consumption

Why China's market crash is not what it seems

Should we be worried about the turmoil in ’s stock market?

plays down trade impact of depreciation, says it is "a normal adjustment"

China confirms prisoner amnesty for anniversary, 1st time in 40 years

China GDP growth 2007: 14% 2008: 9.6% 2009: 9.2% 2010: 10.4% 2011: 9.3% 2012: 7.8% 2013: 7.7% 2014: 7.3% 2015: 6.9%

Scathing. China's stock market missteps should temper its "arrogance, rigidity, belligerence & diplomatic hectoring."

China's Commerce Ministry defends devaluation, sees 'limited' impact

Chinese and Russian navies has completed a 9-day joint drill in Peter the Great Gulf, waters off Sea of Japan on Fri

"the bailout fund needs a bailout after blowing its load last night." Epic happenings in Asia // reminds me of 1998.


Twin typhoons spin towards Taiwan and Japan (+video) |

A fresh start for Japan’s nuclear energy program:

Split emerges in Japan's biggest 'yakuza' gang Yamaguchi-gumi

Anti-Japan sentiment is growing these days in China. Local shop ad: 30% off for Chinese; Break your bones, Japanese !

SEALDs student group reinvigorates Japan’s anti-war protest movement

Broader Asia .....

Police Arrest National Adem Karadag Over Deadliest Charge

" World › Police arrest foreigner in Bangkok shrine bombing case: Thai police arrested a foreign suspec...

Developing: Thailand arrests foreigner over Bangkok bomb blast

Bangkok blast: police hunt Uighur escapees: (From Bangkok Post) Police are hunting three Uighur escapees who s...

JUST IN: Thai TV report says Turkish passport found at apartment of man arrested in relation to

Myanmar approves first minimum wage: The government of Myanmar has approved the country’s first national minim...

Thousands join rally to pile pressure on Malaysia’s PM: (From Reuters) Thousands of protesters gathered in Kua...