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Economic News , Data & Views ( August 22 , 2015 ) .... Greece Updates ( Examining The Great Debt Wall Of Greece , Domestic politics - Can New Democracy or any other party form a Government / Snap Elections looming / How might things play out , Economic data of note / Greece's Banks in focus , Ongoing refugee crisis ) ...... Broader Europe ( Germany , Italy , Euro and Stocks in focus , bravery aboard a train halts gunman from committing massacre , Denmark an Ukraine debt crisis in focus ) ...... Emerging Markets ( Currencies and Commodities crush continues unabated , China in focus once again - updates regarding Tianjin explosions and investigations )


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  • Greece's due: What owes when (and a new creditor in green) via

  • SYRIZA rebels clash with gov’t as parties prepare to draft candidate lists

  • Greek opposition leaders weigh coalition despite crises, poll pressure

  • PM Tsipras to meet w governmental & party officials at 3:00pm (local time) on Saturday. via

  • Greece’s ruling coalition only got 41.1% of the vote last time, how? Here’s our blog from the last Greek election

    And so whom, amongst the current leaders, would you think would be better for Greece ?

    ND's Meimarakis tries to put Tsipras on the spot

    Tsipras hits back after SYRIZA rebels form own group

    Unsurprisingly, Deputy PM Dragasakis has dismissed a New Democracy proposal that he should lead unity gov't from current Parl't

    My piece: to roll out Guaranteed Minimum Income: good welfare measure or neolib race to bottom?

    Approvals for banking transactions gather pace

    new unpaid taxes up by €388 mln in Jul - lowest rise in last 2 years - ytd figure at €6.28 bln.

    Deposit outflows from local banks stabilize in August

    Refugee crisis: A smiling baby arrives in Lesvos, Greece - PHOTO -

    Thousands of desperate refugees stuck in limbo at Macedonia border bottleneck

    Popular Unity head Lafazanis says new party supports orderly and does not accept being blackmailed by Merkel & Schäuble.

    Broader Europe.....

    German FinMin Schäuble Sees €5bn Budget Surplus for Germany in 2015.

    ’s Bonds Slide on Turmoil, Greek Vote.

    Good Morning from where 10y Italian spreads over German Bunds have jumped as my vacation coming to an end.

    jumps to almost $1.14 as speculators were squeezed. They erase their net shorts by 20% to 92,732 contracts.

    Gunman overpowered after wounding three with machine gun on Amsterdam-Paris train

    Stocks post worst week of 2015 after China data. Dax drops 7.8% as Germany biggest China loser

    Ukraine bonds drop before Sunday payment deadline amid deal bets --> via

    Emerging Markets , China , Commodities .....

    Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis via Mish reviews oil carnage !

    Caught On Tape: Another Huge Chemical Warehouse Explosion Rocks China

    Compare with Tianjin explosions !

    Tumbling stocks, oil, junk debt raise questions on timing of rate hike.

    crisis seems to deepen. Black market Peso rate drops to lowest level since 2014.

    An Obscure currency can ruin the markets: It was even a bad week for Santa Claus.

    While commodity complex established new lows, was sole exception as Hedge Funds cover shorts, turned net long.

    China capital flight nearing $35bn a week. PBOC made mess of FX regime shift. Monetary tightening outweighs devalue

    Fitch Revises Saudi Arabia's Outlook to Negative on lower oil; Affirms at AA.

    Xi Jinping losing patience with cadres. Moving to smash vested dinosaurs. Furious at nine months of serial screw ups.

    WTI oil dipped briefly below $40.00/bbl for 1st time since 2009 on global growth fears & rising rig count in the U.S.

    10 Currencies That May Follow in Tumble Triggered by China via

    Caged animals were put at the core area of blast site to test possible chemical remains from Wed.

    China's cabinet vows rigorous, thorough probe into blast, 5 teams deployed

    Latest: Death toll in blasts rises to 121, including 67 firefighters and 7 policemen

    Largest foreign currency reserve holders
    China: $3.7 trillion Japan: $1.2 trillion Saudi Arabia: $660 billion Russia: $302 billion