Friday, August 21, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( August 21 , 2015 ) Greece Updates ( Tsipras Resignation Sets Stage For Snap Elections - Domestic politics in focus , Market reactions , International reactions , Economic data , Additional items of interest ) ...... Broader Europe Updates ( Ukraine , Italy , UK , Spain , Russia in focus ) ..... Asia Updates ( Emerging markets generally , China , currencies and commodities crush items of note )

Evening tweets.....


Stocks post worst week of 2015 after China data. Dax drops 7.8% as Germany biggest China loser

Emerging markets chaos.....

Russian Rouble is down 20% in August (and we still have another 6 days of trading left)

crisis seems to deepen. Black market Peso rate drops to lowest level since 2014.

China capital flight nearing $35bn a week. PBOC made mess of FX regime shift. Monetary tightening outweighs devalue

BREAKING: North Korea says preparation for military action is complete

Four new fires burning at site of Tianjin explosion in China

Morning tweets....


says new party will try to represent the 'No' vote in the referendum, 'No' will be the flag of the party in these elections

: the govt was not toppled, the govt fell. It was scared to seek a vote of confidence in parliament

Our amazing Greek debt graphic now updated with latest loan tranche: What Greece Owes When

SYRIZA Left Platform Announces New Party ‘Popular Unity’

Greek ruling party to split after PM’s resignation

Not that the money has stayed in Athens for long, but point taken.

German Chancellor Merkel: Tsipras Stepping Down is Part of the Solution

Elections not against the treaty ;)

's uninsured depositors lucked out that BRRD hasn't kicked in yet. Discretion in next bailout will be tougher

If ND fails to form a Greek govt, the Left Platform will get its chance, and then the far-right Golden Dawn...

It's panic time.

4 more SYRIZA MPs expected to join breakaway Popular Unity, which is led by ex-Energy Minister Lafazanis & has 25 MPs - Skai TV

Greek stocks slip after government resignation

Finnish finance minister says Greek election won't affect bailout

I think I just typed the word "surrealism" Here you go.

Greek current account in surplus for 2nd straight month in June but down 20% on 2014

Greek conservative leader Meimarakis gets mandate to try form a gov. Next may be Popular Unity, new party of Syriza rebels (now 3rd largest)

New Democracy's Meimarakis suggests he'd accept Dep PM Dragasakis as head of unity gov't

25 ex-Syriza Popular Unity MPs. V/. Will add them to my Syriza rebel MP spreadsheet

Broader Europe.....

Europe in crisis, China's economic influence will grow, professor says | DS Feature

TRouble: Rouble has weakened vs Euro to lowest since Feb

doom spreads across the global markets. 's Dax drops by 1.9% to lowest level since Jan.

German govt bonds gain from flight into safe havens. Bund Future hits highest level since May. 10y ylds drop to 0.56%

Good morning from where energy prices are among highest in Europe. Lack of competition means pain at the pump

UK corporation tax receipts +9.5% Y/Y in June

In Gibraltar’s secret tunnels: internet firm using WWII bunker to safeguard businesses' data

Emerging Markets , China , Japan ,  & Commodities ....

approves $1 bln loan for Kazakhstan

Former CEO of Bitcoin Exchange Mt Gox Re-Arrested in Japan

Fire destroys another in eastern a week after deadly explosions in

Deutsche Bank note that 17 countries have seen their currencies depreciate by >3% since devalued the last monday

Barclays sees 100 bps RRR cut in China: more aggressive liquidity tool on the way -

RRR cut sooner rather than later

MID-SESSION UPDATE: Equities trade in line with US & Asian counterparts while EM currencies remain under pressure -

China’s manufacturing sector suffers biggest shrinkage since 2009:

Down 20% stocks

Here comes the Plunge Protection Team in China

MORE: Chinese stock market lost 11.6% this week amid growing worries about economic outlook, devaluation, monetary policy uncertainties

BREAKING: China's stock market sank 4.27%, below 3600 points which Beijing pledged to support as "policy bottom"; 300+ stocks down 10% limit

doom in one chart: Factory Gauge Caixin Aug PMI drops to lowest level since Mar2009.

Spotlight: 's frontline army to enter state of war as tensions rise with S. Korea