Saturday, August 22, 2015

MENA Report - August 22 -23 , 2015 Weekend Report - Iraq - Syria Regional War , Yemen Regional Proxy War , Libya , Turkey , Iran in focus ....

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86 Killed as Syria Shells Rebels Near Damascus

ISIS Kills 50 Iraqi Troops in Anbar Ambushes

Al-Qaeda Takes Over Parts of Yemen Port of Aden

Former IAEA Official: AP Doc on Iran a Forgery

Six Killed as Israel Continues Attacks on Syria

Saudi Airstrikes on Yemeni City Kill 65 Civilians

Heavy Fighting Continues in Anbar; 188 Killed Across Iraq

Gunmen Attack Italian Logistics Manager in Iraq's Basra: Sources

ISIS Has Damascus in Its Crosshairs

Dozens Hurt as Beirut Rubbish Demos Turn on Government

Police Fire Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets at Beirut Rally

Yemen Officials Say Coalition Bombs Rebels at Bab El-Mandeb

Huge Blast Razes Aden Intelligence Headquarters

First Cargo Docks in Aden Since War Came to South Yemen's Ex-Capital

298 Killed Across Iraq as ISIS Ambushes Troops in Anbar

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Kurdish Forces in Syria

58 Killed in Iraq as Anti-Corruption Protests Continue

Mustard Gas 'Found on ISIS Mortars'

Arbil: The Departure Terminal for Iraq's Exodus

Obama Promises to Keep Military Option Against Iran Open if Nuclear Deal Is Agreed

26 Democratic Senators Now Support Iran Deal

While Congress Argues Over Iran, Europe Rushes to Do Business There

Iran Prepares to Lure Foreign Investors After Nuclear Deal

Syria / Iraq / Turkey / Lebanon ....


tonight in pix & a few words: Thousands Police Army Tear gas. Via

  1. Lebanon's prime minister threatened to resign on Sunday, warning rival parties in his unity cabinet that the 1
  2. state faced collapse b/c of paralysis that has come to a head with its failure to resolve a crisis over rubbish disposal. 2

Tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets used against protesters in Beirut (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

reporter attacked on live TV at anti-trash protests

Cordesman: ISIL is only one element of the war Iraq and Syria:

Also in Babil, reports that security forces broke up protest with gunfire tonight. A lot of pressure on Abadi right now.

Islamic State 'used mustard gas in the battle around Aleppo in Syria'

Toll from regime strikes near now 34

Over 200 civilians killed in the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in about half of them women & children - SOHR

The White House's ambiguity and indecisiveness in the Middle East is driving Syrians right into the arms of ISIS.

Meanwhile protesters storm a government building in southern

: Ex VP Maliki still fairly prominent at shura council meeting of Daawa party today, with PM Abadi & Ali Adib.

Situation Map Of :


BREAKING – ISIS terrorists kill up to 50 troops in ambush west of Baghdad

Iraq constitution expert Tariq Harb: Abadi has auth w Iraq parliament vote 2 eliminte Dep PMs & Pres Masoum's Dep VPs

ISW SITREP. increasing pressure on Baiji including greater/more frequent VBIEDs.

Another Friday speech by Sistani, supporting Abadi govt. in Iraq. Very important read.

Like many minorities, the Druze are targeted by Islamist armed groups in Syria, and feel torn.

Israel bombs Syria twice in 24 hours, and other news in today's Executive Summary:

ISIS enacts most ‘brutal and systematic’ ravaging of relics since WWII

Suspected French train gunman 'had traveled to Syria', says Spanish official

US says ISIL's second-in-command killed in air strike

[Daily Sabah] 41 PKK terrorists killed in southeastern Uludere and Qandil Mountains: Turkish Armed Forces [Turkey]

29 Kurdish rebels killed in air strikes: Turkey's military says warplanes have conducted new air strikes against…

: The land of permanent elections - by for



Italian navy rescues 4,400 migrants off Libya coast

The Independent - Abdullah al-Sanoussi's wife urges to intervene in


| Jihadi sources: "BRSC's Wessam bin Ahmaid has pledged allegiance to in 's al-Sabri district"2/3

: al-Sabri district of being reduced to rubble from daily airstrikes and clashes.



Al-Qaeda suspects killed in drone strike


Bomb hits intelligence building in Yemen's Aden, no casualties

's Claim Of Shot Down The Fifth In Lawdar

Yemeni president proposes 15-day ceasefire, dozens of civilians die in Saudi-led airstrike

Suspected al-Qaida gunmen blow up intelligence compound in 's Aden

Odds & ends......

  • ": Saudi Arabia has more pro-Islamic State Twitter users than any other country "

  • Is Saudi Arabia violating US export end use rule by using cluster bombs in populated areas?