Sunday, July 5, 2015

Special Report On Greece ( Post One- Morning Coffee Edition ) - July 5 , 2015 - Referendum Day Begins - Overview Of Background information , News And Opinions - Broad Brush !


Very early post - Election morning !

As expected , Greece fulfilling its civic duties with class and dignity !

The Referendum has begun !

Mostly just another Sunday in Athens so far. Lots of tourists. Lots of police. No unrest.

Today, a no vote means no to austerity, a yes vote yes to Europe. No matter the result, Greeks want to keep Euro AND are broken by recession


Greek Referendum via
Polls Open: Midnight (EDT) Pols Close: Noon (EDT) First Prelim Results: 2:00 pm (EDT)

News & views - broad brush .....

Greece's GDP collapse is among the worst advanced economy falls since 1870 h/t .

Excellent commentary by - Getting to yes in Greece: a collection of myths -

Greece divided ahead of referendum to chart new economic course

Social media chatter supporting the "no" vote in Greece has risen sharply -

Greece: The Economist Perspective

Greece’s debt crisis explained

The imagery used by those pressing for "no" in the Greek referendum today is quite effective -

Senior German Official: Nightmare result would be 51%-49% either way


"If Europe is determined to save the European dream, it needs to start by saving Greece."

food chain Venetis to provide free bread to unemployed, pensioners, poor&large families until banks reopen

EFSF's Regling: creditors are "providing permanent debt relief by having very favorable lending terms"


Varoufakis tells Mason that since was called he has received very good proposals from Brussels that he would sign (1/2)

Mason: so you have received a proposal you would sign? Varoufakis: yes Mason: where is it V: somewhere in this building (2/2)

Whoever wins Sunday: well of poison between Greeks & Germans will be hard to drain.

German FinMin Schaeuble: Greece Could Leave the Euro ‘Temporarily’


Merkel's refusal to spend her vast political capital is a quite spectacular failure.

Greeks Vote on place in Euro as banks run dry: What you need to know abot R day.

Constâncio explains next steps: key is prospect for agreement, more likely if yes win. via