Sunday, July 5, 2015

China Stock Market Travails ! Special Update - July 5 , 2015 - In Case You Missed It , China's Markets Have Been Spinning Wildly Out Of Control , Not Unlike a Satellite Falling To Earth - Can The PBOC , Chinese Government And Financial Community Hold Things Together ? Stay Tuned !


Chinese stck markets - we should have known this was a false dawn....

Crimson clouds at sunset hang in the sky over the in Luanping county, North China's Hebei province, July 1

Chinese Authorities Arrest Man for Spreading Suicide Rumors Amid Stock Market Rout: CCTV

TWENTY-EIGHT Chinese companies that have obtained permission from the securities watchdog for initial public offerings (IPOs) announced Saturday evening they would postpone follow-up issue of shares due to recent fluctuations in the stock market.

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POLL: Over 50% Chinese investors predict Chinese stock market will jump at least 5% Monday (Eastmoney, 100K+ votes)

Talk of 'foreign crocodiles’ for Chinese vastly overrated by my colleague Shirley Yam

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China searching far and wide for scapegoats...


Quote: The Gov "has resources, ability and confidence to stabilize stock market" - China Securities Regulatory Commission chairman Xiao Gang

CSRC Chairman says " Trillion yuan injection " could be expected ...


BREAKING: 25 big mutual finds jointly announce to accelerate new stock-focused fund issuances to boost market (CSRC)

Keep your eyes on China this weekend....

Following a Grexit, here's the worst-case scenario for the global economy.


Dear : About that stock stabilization fund...

This is how China's cross-departments market rescue will work; PBOC will provide unlimited loan as long as necessary !

Agree? In China ?

SURVEY: Nearly quarter of Chinese investors ‘suffer over 50% losses’ as stock market slumps

While you were watching Greece, look what happened in China

Investing in markets generally these days - China as one focus , nutty as  a water skiing squirrel....

This is nuts! Water-skiing squirrel filmed with GoPro (VIDEOS)