Saturday, July 4, 2015

Special Greece Report ( July 4 , 2015 ) - On Independence Day In The US , Interesting And Hopefully Thought Provoking Updates On Greece ( Background Items on Referendum / recent " reliable " polling data , ECB Governor Benoit Coeure due to give remarks Sunday morning , various articles / opinion pieces on the referendum reflecting both sides , updates on the state of play for Greece's Banks , the economy and financial situation )


Greek Referendum Starts at 7:00 AM on Sunday, First ‘Safe’ Estimate at 9:00 PM

another number to watch tomorrow: 3,942,012. it's how many voters (40% of electorate) that must cast ballot for to be valid.


Latest Greek referendum polls seem to be herding to dead heat as well


ALCO poll for Ethnos Yes 44.8% No 43.4% Undecided 11.8%


University of Macedonia poll for Bloomberg News Yes 42.5% No 43% Undecided 14.5%


New post: From Greferendum To Grexit? Referendum unlikely to solve the Greek crisis.

. on the IMF's Debt Sustainability Analysis. "creditors negotiated with Greece in bad faith."

The will be facing questions of its own after the Greek referendum - latest blog from

Close eye on Cœuré's remarks tomorrow. Given closeness of polls, will ECB make an eleventh-hour "nudge" intervention?

EXCL: furious about media scaremongering, some Greeks outside a bank attempted to set a TV van on fire on Friday

Some home truths on Syriza's dishonesty, aka 'creative ambiguity' & irresponsibility via


How series of 'slights, insults & missed opportunities' soured talks & led Tsipras to call referendum

Amid deepening divisions, Greeks must to do the impossible: distill complexity of crisis to a Yes or No

'Both sides played a game of chicken and neither was bluffing'. Now comes 'Greece's sorry reckoning'. via

I find the 'temporarily' in Schäuble's quote extremely interesting.

Matt takes on Greek bank bail-ins and haircuts

ICBC's Efstathiou: Greek banks will stay closed for a month. And when they do reopen, cap controls will almost certainly still be in place.

NBG chair Katseli says liquidity guaranteed until Monday. If no ELA extension afterwards "we'll have a problem" but says unlikely

How it all began & ended. Euro was a dodgy financial product that bankrupted Greece


For those who say "Greece had begun to grow again in 2014 before Syriza took office". Yes. Austerity paused that year


Strongly worded, but unfortunately all too correct. Especially the bit about the supposed recovery before Syriza.

TR@doleross katseli: framework w/in which banks will operate tbd in detail monday after ECB decision

TR@doleross katseli: limit on cash withdrawals to be decided on tuesday based on liquidity

Varoufakis: If 'Yes' were to win, "democracy would be in peril, because it would mean that fear has won". ()

Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis to : "What they are doing with has a name: terrorism".

My interview with Varoufakis last night along with pleas from business leaders facing trade chaos + factory closures.

Why a NO vote in the Referendum is a Yes for a proud Greece in a Decent Europe – Talking with Phillip Adams, on LNL

Let us make history together, once again. I invite you to say a big & proud / NO to ultimatums this Sunday.

On Sunday, we'll be sending a message of and dignity to Europe and the world.

Greeks face bad & worse choice, argues , who explains why Tsipras logic doesn't add up

The really complex question isn't what happens if Greeks vote 'no', it's what next if they vote 'yes'. Answer not easy.


Greek economy close to collapse as food and medicine run short

A must read on euro's irrationality by : 'Grexit is a process, not an event. & it has already begun'

Excellent commentary by - Getting to yes in Greece: a collection of myths -


reflects Europe's lack of unifying vision Great read on why Europe is broken, via

Saskia Sassen: Three rarely –if ever– mentioned facts in the Greek tragedy: " Three rarely –if ever– mentioned or...

The Biggest Greek Banks “Have Failed,” and “Resolving” Them Won’t Work: Fitch

ICYMI: how any further ECB ELA haircuts would translate into depositor bail ins 

JPM: "The [Greek bank] solvency issue will not go away even with a “yes” vote given the damage inflicted on the Greek economy"

Greek finance ministry demands FT retract report about Greek deposit bail-ins: BBG