Sunday, July 19, 2015

MENA Report ( July 19 , 2015 ) - Iraq - Syria Regional War Updates ...... Libya state of decay continues unabated ....... Yemen Regional Proxy War continues unabated ......Iran Nuclear Deal with P 5 + 1


Ayatollah Khamenei Doesn't Fault Nuclear Deal

ISIS Leader Orders Toning Down Graphic Videos

Officials Say Yemeni Rebels Thwart Advance in Aden

White House: Iran Sanctions Will 'Collapse' if Congress Rejects Deal

Kurdish-US Alliance Against ISIS Stokes Resentment in Syria

Syrian Army Ambushes 40 Rebels in City Near Lebanese Borders

Sistani Tells Neighbors to Close Borders to Foreign Fighters

Tally From Friday Bombing Races Higher; 44 Killed Across Iraq in Fresh Attacks

Water, Power Return to Syria's Aleppo After Three-Week Cut

Deal Means 'Permanent Prohibition' on Iranian Nukes, Insists Obama

Iran Says Offers India Bigger Role in Strategic Port


Iraq - Syria .....

Retired general unloads on America's drone war, and U.S. role in helping to create ISIS

Another potential conflict lurks beneath Iraq's present war with Daesh,

leader al-Baghdadi ‘bans’ slaughter videos, yet jihadists demonstrate beheading by kid

Death toll in Iraq bombing rises to 120. Attacker was selling ice from truck, officials say.

Who actually fights whom in Syria. ISIS vs Assad: Not so much.

Turkey detains nearly 500 people trying to cross from Syria

- HumanitarianResponse Plan is 26% funded $2.89 bil requested $739.2 mil funded Gap = $2.15 bill

-led coalition warplanes drop leaflets in stronghold- in that reads- Freedom Will Come.

As Syria continues to disintegrate, its wary neighbours consider buffer zones on their borders

David Cameron tells US that UK wants to "do more" to destroy IS in Iraq & Syria

Syria Kurds say IS used chemical weapons against them


The war on Libya was an act of aggression that we can blame hawks like Hillary Clinton for.

. explains serious policy implications of increased fighting in in new memo:

Libya's war has cut into its oil production. The country could go broke before it is at peace


: Yemen’s rejects as “mere lies” reports that pro-Hadi militants have advanced in the city of .

Bad. Whether Houthi's going rabid in last stance or pushing back/regain ground, now a river of blood in Aden.

Welcome to Yemen. | Hadi Increasingly Irrelevant as Saudis Bogged Down in . via

Huge Explosions After Oil & Gas Reservoirs Were Hit In Southwest Of Province

: children seeking safety in caves - the ongoing conflict is taking a devastating toll on them.

deputy crown prince meets military personnel stationed at the border region with .

The List Of Terrorist/Militant Groups Active In Various Part Of The County :

al Areas of Influence