Saturday, July 18, 2015

Special Greece Report ( July 18 , 2015 ) - Saturday Updates ( Conundrum Watch - 70 % of Greeks favor Agreement with Creditors over 24 % favoring Grexit , 73 % favor Euro over 24 favoring Drachma - and yet , SYRIZA leads New Democracy by 42.5 % to 21.5 % , To Potami at 8% . G.D and PASOK struggle home at 6.5 % and 6% respectively ......... Dissecting aftermath of Deal To Re-open Talks And Bridge Financing Scheme To Repay ECB and IMF Arrears ..... Look Forward To Next Round Of Talks And Next Capitulations By Greece Gov't , Greece Reshuffle Items Greece Domestic Politic Items ...... International Politics Re : Third Bailout .... Odds & Ends ! )

Sunday Tweet Updates.....

After reshuffle, Tsipras eyes next vote and party rebels

European Commission prepared extensive report on Grexit

More than half of Germans think planned Greek deal is bad.

Syriza Forced to Choose Disorderly Grexit or Capitulation

Saturday Tweets.....



banks to open Monday but deposit controls to remain

Greek ‘bank holiday’ results in $3.25bln loss

"Our aim is to negotiate hard...there are many vague terms in the text," new Labor Minister George Katrougalos

"For many in Europe, especially on center left, Greek crisis 'revealed a more brutal Germany, embodied in Schäuble'"

New capital controls decree to be issued later today although previous 1 expired yday at midnight. Legal glitch: New Mins had to be sworn-in

New Greek ministers sworn in after reshuffle

Tsipras's reshuffle is of limited scope and ambition. It suggests elections aren't to far away

debt crisis: Reforms 'going to fail' - (BBC News)

Next Grexit challenge will be when Eurozone will come to decide on increased governance & abolition of natl fiscal sovereignty.

Lacking ownership: Fmr Greek FinMin Varou­f­a­kis tell­s BB­C th­at ­ce’s eco­no­mic refor­ms will fail.


Extra cost for average Greek household estimated at €650 annually.

German FinMin Schäu­ble says not con­si­de­ring resi­gning over ­ce.


poll [Palmos/]: - 73% (Syriza voters 66%, ND 92%) - 24% (Syriza voters 26%, ND 5%)

Palmos Analysis for
SYRIZA 42.5% New Democracy 21.5 Potami 8 G Dawn 6.5 PASOK 6 KKE 5.5 Ind Greeks 3 Others 7

  • Voting intention predicts Syriza reelected with significant majority. Conservatives 20 point behind them.

    LOL RT "I want a Grexit! I want a Grexit!"... "Oh, my little boy, so sorry..."

    Who will pay for Greece’s new €86bn bailout? Lots of known unknowns. Main one: will it add up?

  • Scale of rebellion in Bundestag signalled that Greek bailout will face further challenges.

  • 5 good reasons for a . Here's what membership in the Club did for .


    Costas Lapavitsas speaking at international conference in Athens. Deal is disastrous capitulation.

    Even the IMF thinks the Greek deal makes no sense