Monday, July 20, 2015

Special Greece Report ( July 20 , 2015 ) Early Morning Overview for Monday ! ( Banks re-open today with capital controls in place still ........ Fine commentaries and news on the general state of play politically /economically ....... socioeconomics factors touching upon Greece ..... Odds & Ends ! )

KASTELLORIZO Sunrise by YusufGurel ... Sunrise at Kastellorizo Island, Greece.. (Megisti) Meis..

Stunning sunrise this morning in Port Leone, Island of Kalamos, Greece. Captured by Simon & Diane


Two fine posts from Frances Coppola - lined up back to back for perspective ....

A very important note to read and consider closely ....

ICMYI, my post The Great Greek Bank Drama, Act I: Schaueble's Sin Bin . Act II to follow.

Additional Commentary & News......

EU Commission Vice President warns Greece to meet its commitments

Stock Market still closed.....

will make the payment to today. Greece relief means selling Euro.

A Paris Club for Europe via As timely as ever: Kahn argues Europe's strategy has problem exactly backwards

That very special moment when there are more journalists than customers at today's Greek banks reopening.

| SPD increases attacks on FinMin Wolfgang Schäuble over his Grexit plans & resignation threat ~

Νέα βαριά προαπαιτούμενα οδεύουν προς ψήφιση στην Βουλή - Ειδήσεις - Οικονομία - via

New heavy prerequisites are heading for a vote in Parliament

Watch: Greeks divided over new bailout terms as country prepares to reopen banks

Commerce Union: 60,000 Greek Businesses Requested Move to Bulgaria

Snap Election on the horizon in the medium term ?

The crisis in Greece has caused a rise in the suicide and depression rates in the country

As Greece prepares to reopen its banks, what comes next?

How Can Greece Take Charge? - The New Yorker: The New YorkerHow Can Greec...

Describing the logic of Greece bailout talks is like explaining cricket to an American

10-year bond yields - Japan 0.41%, Germany 0.79%, France 1.07%, Spain 1.91%, Italy 1.92%, UK 2.08%, US 2.35%, Portugal 2.71%, Greece 10.78%

Living on at least $50 a day Norway 77% Denmark 73% Germany 60% US 56% UK 42% Spain 27% Greece 23%

Greek debt crisis: Prices for everyday items shoot up in Greece

No debt haircut for Greece; viable interest rates, delayed debt maturity possible: Merkel …