Wednesday, July 8, 2015

China Report ( July 9 , 2015 ) -- Morning Update - Bounce back ! Prior News Items - More Carnage ( Chinese Regulators pulling levers and pushing buttons to contain carnage as margin calls roll in and early stock halts are announced , Carnage in China roiling the Regional Bourses as well , Scapegoating well underway by China's Gov't , Stock market crash hitting car sales and real economy , Overview of ongoing crash ! )

And what happens when you go to sleep ?

China stocks bounce back after days of panic selling among investors

What a day for ! Long-awaited jump on repeated supportive measures. Recover 5.8% after filling -3.8% gap

BREAKING: China's Public Security Ministry, China Securities Regulatory Commission discussing plan to take action on "hostile short-sellers"

Special workforce to be led by Vice Public Security Minister who vows to soon nail down those who manipulate Chinese stocks, index futures

Tweets..... To be tonight  updated , as relevant

SHCOMP -3.2%

July 9 , 2015 starting off poorly - note not trading due to either still on suspension od due to daily limits

China Stock Futures Tumble As Crash Protection Costs Hit Record Highs


And if you thought it was time to BTFD... consider this...

Chinese stocks are still extremely rich relative to the rest of the world.

Caijing: China Govmt owned securities lender loans 5 fund mgmt cos to buy stocks

Asia extends losses as China woes spread, yen shoots up -

About 100 listed companies on Shanghai, Shenzhen exchanges announce intention to halt trading today.

BBG China halt notifications start streaming in

Chart: Iron ore futures (based on pricing in China) -

Attention! 10% of China-listed companies have received margin calls - Chinese media h/t

As its stock market plummets, blames foreign powers. on why it'll backfire:

bans big shareholders from cutting stakes for next 6mths CSRC directs holding over 5% not to sell

The New Chapter of De-Dollarization: BRICS New $100B Bank Launched, $100B BRICS Currency Reserve Pool Signed

As China's Markets Crash, >1,323 Companies Suspended Trade On Mainland Exchanges, Freezing Up $2.6T, Or 40% Of Market

China's Markets Plunge Deeper Into The Abyss As Investors Locked Out Of 71% Of Market