Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MENA Report - June 23 -24 , 2015 ..... Focus on Iraq / Syria Regional War , Yemen Regional Proxy War , Libya state of decay , Iran nuclear Talks - Afghanistan & Pakistan in focus as part of ISIS / Al Qaeda connections

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Saudi Airstrikes, Fighting Kill 100 in Yemen

Iraq Turns Over Baiji Fight to Syria-Trained Militia

Pentagon Chief Says Iraq May Fracture Into Three

Saudi Intervention Only Fans Yemen's Flames

Pro-Saudi Troops Seize Yemeni Border Crossing From Houthis

Kurdish Militia Wants Syrian Rebels to Lead Attack on ISIS HQ

Report: Draft Nuclear Deal Offers Iran Light-Water Reactors, Fuel

Syrian Kurds Seize Northern Military Base From ISIS

Hezbollah, Syrian Army 'Foil ISIS Attack in Qalamoun'

Mass Grave Found Near Mosul; 182 Killed Across Iraq

Afghanistan's Security on the Brink of Collapse

Taliban Strike Afghan Parliament as Lawmakers Meet

Yazidis Flee Iraq; 109 Killed Across Country

Syria's al-Qaeda Leader Praises Chief of Yemen's al-Qaeda Branch Killed in US Drone Strike

Kurds Find ISIS Tunnel Near Turkish Border

Iran Negotiators Willing to Breach Deadline on Nuclear Talks

Pakistan Officer Was Involved in Parliament Attack, Afghanistan Authorities Say

Syria's Druze in the Line of Fire as War Finally Catches Up With Them


Iraq & Syria....

4M refugees out of 22M are spread across Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon & beyond:

Talk of partitioning Iraq sometimes ignores the risks and dangers involved in doing so,

The Kurdistan Regional Government is seeking to borrow $5 billion from private international banks


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MoD confirms Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict

Yemen's warring factions can't even agree to sit around a table together.

If Saudi airstrikes & blockade on not working, strategy not changing, it begs question: what is end goal?


Political unrest, migrant influx a ticking time bomb for Libya

Released Clinton emails tell distinctly less heroic story of French intervention in

Boats from Norway and Denmark have rescued 992 migrants off the coast of Libya in the last 24 hours:

Iran ......

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U.K. says Iran needs to show more flexibility in nuclear talks

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"Iran’s Supreme Leader Stiffens His Position on Nuclear Talks" by THOMAS ERDBRINK and RICK GLADSTONE via NYT


: Khamenei says international inspections of Iran’s military sites are out of question

Iran parliament bars key nuclear concessions in talks with big powers


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Growing Foothold In , Release Photos Of Their Latest Programs From Province

Taliban splinters as ISIS makes inroads in Afghanistan