Saturday, June 13, 2015

MENA Report - June 13-14 , 2015 Weekend Edition - the usual round up of news and views - Iraq - Syria War Theatre , Yemen Regional Proxy War , Libya ISIS Campaign , Iran Nuclear Talks......


ISIS Attack Iraq Troops Near Baiji Refinery

Obama's Legal Rationale for ISIS War 'Very Thin'

Tensions Rise Between Kurdish and Shi'ite Forces in Iraq

'Ethnic Cleansing': Kurds Move on Syria ISIS Town

US 'Concerned' by Kurds in Syria Expelling Arabs

Are There Any 'Moderate' Rebel Groups Left in Syria ?

Rouhani: Western 'Haggling' Delaying Nuke Talks

Deadline in Jeopardy as Iran Talks 'Virtually Stalled'

Saudi Strikes Destroy World Heritage Site in Yemeni Capital

7 Killed, 30 Wounded Marching on ISIS HQ in Libya

Devastation in Yemen: Historic District of Sanaa Before and After: in Pictures

Prospects Look Dim for Yemeni Peace Talks

Kurds and Shi'ites Clash; 131 Killed Across Iraq

Syria Retakes Airbase Following Rebel Advance

Syrian Druze Join Battle to Push Back Rebels in South

Iran Says Concerned Over Cyber-Security of Nuclear Talks

Iran Seeks $100b to Rebuild Gas Industry as World Fixates on Its Oil

Kerry Leaves Hospital, Fit to Fly for 'Critical' Iran Nuclear Deadline



's Government conforms the knowledge of airstrike targeted Mokhtar Belmokhtar, most senior figure

U.S. strike in Libya targets mastermind of deadly 2013 Algerian gas plant attack; Libya says Belmokhtar was killed.

's porous southern desert of is one to watch.Rumblings of moving south are only amplified by losses in & .

Assad seems like the worst possible option until you consider how regime change in Iraq & Libya created today's global terrorism threat.

Earlier today in 's : The attacks the Mujahedin Shura Council with two suicide car-bombs.

Heavy clashes for the third day in a row in 's between and the Shura Council for Mujahedin of Darnah ( affiliate


forces in seize provincial capital near border

Yemen's Houthi rebels are using the playbook that foiled Israel during the 2006 war in Lebanon against Saudi Arabia.

Yeah yeah, I know there are airstrikes in Sana'a & shortages too, I live here damn it, but not even close to catastrophe in Aden

Ramadan in Sana'a 28C/Humid 10%, tough? In Aden 39C/Humid 70%, Dengue, No water/power/gas/food, Airstrikes/Houthis/Resistance..HELL!

Air strikes destroy Yemen UNESCO heritage site; 21.1 mil ppl need humanitarian urgent aid


- Release Number Suicide Attack Related Photos, This Is Claim To Attacker Briefing Session

- Updated Map Of North Battle : Trying To Reach Cement Factory & (Via )

- Situation Map Of North - At The Eastern Gates Of (Via )

 Top news story

Latest Syria map: Assad vs ISIS control

ICYMI: What's in store for Syria in the next 6 months? Read ISW's latest here.

ISW Iraq SITREP. Hadi al-Amiri, head of PopMobl/Badr, seeks 2 put PM at front of anti-ISIS ops.