Saturday, June 13, 2015

Greece Updates ( Saturday June 13 , 2015 ) - As Greece meets once again in Brussels with various Representatives of the Troika , here is where things stand as of now !

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Pact on prim surplus/VAT cd be basis 4 deal,pushing pensions/debt to fall

Great & tick-tock on how, from Samaras to Tsipras, -lenders failure to agree led us here


Greek gov't tells mayors to get on with placing cash reserves at Bank of . Mayors say "Come & get it yourself"

From honorable compromise to viable agreement and tough compromise

I think 'viable deal' wd include no pension cuts, nod to debt relief. Not 'viable' for eurozone peers tho

Let's hope not. Fingers crossed.

mission will meet in Brussels with an authorised Pres representative, while institutions 'll participate (via )

Left Platform (via ): Creditors are sending ultimata and the government representatives.


's FinMin Schäuble working on roadmap for sovereign defaults, Spiegel reports.

Editorial in SYRIZIA-backed Avgi: Collapse of talks with lenders not likely as it wld be "failure of international political system"


In Greece the Implacable has met the incorrigible and both are to blame. View editorial. via

EU official:Progress can only be made with all 3 institutions.All meetings can be useful,but this is not a negotiation- on mtng with

Tomorrows meeting with ministers will be with an authorised representative of no Brussels Group arranged yet.

Juncker not participating personally ?

6 months of economic unraveling for Greece in 6 charts

despite its finance minister saying that Europe would not allow that to happen. Yanis Varoufakis told BBC Radi...

"IMF angry at Greeks but frustrated at euro zone too" -

Why is IMF pushing for VAT increases in Greece? It will make Greek tourism industry less competitive and hurt growth.