Sunday, June 14, 2015

Economic News and Views ( June 14 , 2015 ) Spotlight Remains On Greece Talks With The Troika In Brussels - From All Accounts , The Talks Are Not Proceeding Well , Both Sides Remain Squared Off On Key Positions As June 18th Deadline For A Deal Approaches ) .... Broader Europe In Focus - Finland Woes Tagged As " Being Like Greece " - Never Should have Been In EMU ...... Spain Begins Its New Political Day ...... Ukraine In Focus As The IMF Traverses Risky Ground To Continue Financing Ukraine Government )


Jun 18 is the deadline for reaching an agreement with institutions, acc 2 (via & )

Creditors said to be asking Greece to commit to a primary surplus of 1%/GDP in 2015 ...Varoufakis has already said it's impossible

gov't seeks debt relief as steps up warnings /via

Senior EU officials are worried whether an agreement with Greece can be made "in time"


Top aide in charge of bailout negotiations: "A political solution is needed to exit the crisis".

govt spox Sakellaridis: Not going to be a 3rd memorandum; insists on a political soluton (Saturday interview)


Acc 2 EU diplomats: difficult talks r ongoing with team.Positions still far apart. Not certain whether there will be an outcome.

There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties - Jean-Claude Juncker, EU Commission President

If you ignore the text, these Bloomberg charts show price Greece paying for Merkel & Draghi's regime change effort:

EU's Juncker warned 's Tsipras of steps if no deal soon, FAS reports.

Broader Europe.....

's problem is the same as 's; Neither should be in the Euro as Krugman says.

Susana Díaz has just been sworn in as the new First Minister of Andalusia.

ABC's Sunday front page: Carmena in Madrid, Colau in Barcelona and "Spain Consummates Its Radical Shift To Left".

IMF Says It Will Continue Lending To Ukraine Even After A Default, And Why This Is Bad News For Greek Gold