Saturday, May 9, 2015

MENA Report ( May 9 , 2015 ) Global War on ISIS items .... Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ..... Yemen Regional Proxy War Updates ...... Iran items of interest


More Than 100 Saudi-Led Air Strikes Hit Yemen

Dozens Escape Iraq Jail, 50 Inmates, 12 Cops Die

Officials: Foreign Fighters in Kunduz Attack

Pentagon Boosts Security Level, Citing ISIS

Saudis Tell Civilians to Flee, Escalate Airstrikes

Syrian Rebels Scorn New US Training Scheme

US Designated Prominent Al Jazeera Journalist as 'al Qaeda'

UN Officials Unhappy With Saudi Arabia's Plans for Yemen Aid

Saudis: Yemen Pause to Begin Tuesday Night

Turkey Denies Backing al-Qaeda in NW Syria

ISIS Attacks East Syria Military Airport, 34 Killed

Western Diplomats Hype 'Trace' Chemical Findings in Syria

Jailbreaks, Bombings, Executions Leave 159 Killed in Iraq

Syrian Troops Battle to Free Trapped Forces Near Idlib

Libyans Urge Europe to Help Stem Migrant Flow

Gunmen Shoot Dead Saudi Police Officer in Riyadh

GCC Seeks Formal US Security Pact

Attacks Focus on Diyala Province, 149 Killed Across Iraq

Iraq Signs Up 1,000 Recruits for Sunni Militia to Fight ISIS

US Planes Bombing ISIS Militants at Besieged Iraqi Refinery

Kurds Push US to Arm Them Directly

Syrian Army and Hezbollah Consolidate Areas on Border: Source, Media


10 Iraqi policemen, 8 prisoners killed in jail break north of Baghdad

Saudi-led warplanes bomb Sanaa airport: witnesses

Nusra video sought to raise financial demands: report

Hearing a section of Sanaa airport repaired to receive humanitarian aid tomorrow..hoping airstrikes won't destroy as norm in past

When spilling blood of poor/hungry..w/ nothing to loose & everything to gain..crazy see invading KSA a prospect for revenge & riches

Anyone have coalition's 1-800 #? Is it restoring Hadi, teaching Iran, push back Houthis, free Aden, defend KSA, or whatever sticks?

KSA says ceasefire starts May 12, off if Houthis breach. So bombarding Sa'ada to hell till then, & expects/warns against retaliation!