Friday, May 8, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( May 8 , 2015 ) -- UK Elections Aftermath from Conservative Landslide ...... Greece Updates --Ahead of Eurogroup Meeting on Monday , a full recap on the state of play with creditor talks , Greece economic data , red lines and more ....... Bond Land highlights from Europe !


UK Election aftermath....

A U.K. vote to Exit EU may weigh on sovereign rating, Moody’s warns.

Nick Clegg to quit as Liberal Democrat Leader - BBC

expected to stand down. This is never ending

Miliband resigns.

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy says party was "hit by two nationalisms." Scottish nationalism, and English nationalism stirred up by Cons

638/650 seats declared: CON - 323 LAB - 228 SNP - 56 LD - 8 DUP - 8 UKIP - 1 OTHERS - 14

Conservatives secure 323 seats, winning overall Commons majority in - DETAILS:


EU officials say mtng's outcome on Monday will not be enough to prompt the to raise T-bills cap for 's banks ~Reuters

EU officials say they are keen to ensure the sends a positive message on Monday that a deal with is in the works ~Reuters

Institutions request a prim surplus target of 2% of GDP for 2015 vs 1.2-1.5% suggested by government (via )

Could not have said it any better.. Greek bailout talks near ‘drop dead’ moment via

Public Order AltMin Panousis says he would prefer to sacrifice Syriza's pre-election pledges than to sacrifice the Greek people.

3-mon Trade Deficit -13.2% to €4.73 bln, Exports -1.8%, Imports -7%. (ELSTAT)

Mar Trade Deficit +6.9% to €2.01 bln, Exports +8.5%, Imports +7.8%. (ELSTAT)

Apr CPI -2.1% YoY (unch from Mar) and +0.5% MoM. 12-month trailing CPI -1.6% (ELSTAT).

Acc 2 PDMA doc sent 2 parl't, public debt fell by €11.4 bln QoQ to €312.7 bln mostly reflecting return of EFSF bonds worth €10.9bln.

Finland coalition partner says would make sense via

defies euro zone demand to cut retirees' pensions

Largest Greek pay-TV firm mulls bond sale as takeover bids stall via

MEP Koulloglou: "Our lenders are ruthless. The best [of them] would sell his mother for money!" [@ 5:30]

Defiant rehires public staff despite bailout talks (BBC News)

Tsipras highlights 'red lines' in Parl't, calls on opposition to back them

Athens hopeful as Euro Working Group to prepare ground for Monday summit

doesn't have high meeting expectations ~German FinMin spox Jäger |

Dijsselbloem: Only if current programme of is completed will the be ready to assist further on debt relief. ~

's Dijsselbloem: Progress has been made in over last few weeks. Monday’s Eurogroup mtng will not be decisive. ~

To Potami's Theodorakis says would back bailout deal in parliament to avoid elections

's Tsipras says I am optimistic that we will soon have a happy ending to negotiations. 5yr default prob <80%

Greek 2yr yields unchg as 's Schelling says no 'sensible solution' close on .

Broader Europe.....

Rebound in Bund Future. Trades 0.6% higher after yday's roller coaster ride.

Bond bears risk self-Destruction by betting on Draghi’s success

Goldman: increase in ELA implies deposit outflows at 's banks accelerated, Signals deterioration.

Macro hedge funds slammed by bond selloff, euro rally - RT HFRX Macro Index (white) & bund future