Sunday, May 10, 2015

Economic News and Views - May 10 , 2015 .... Greece highlights ( Political intrigues - domestic and International , Creditor Talks items ) .... Broader Europe ( Juncker pays back Cameron and UK by pouring cold water on EU Treaties changes , Tories pressure Cameron regarding renegotiation demands ) ..... Asia in focus ( China cuts interest rates for the third time since November , Japan charts of note on Debt to GDP , Odds and Ends )



Govt Council has extraordinary meeting right now; parl group to have meeting later today. via

And here is the ballot box that MinState Flampouraris refers to

MinState: "The ballot box drawn by PM Tsipras 2 days ago looks more like a referendum to me, than elections."

No 'Plan B' for in debt talks, top EU official says.

Preparing for a Plan B- take it or leave it- to be presented by EU officials to if talks fail

Critical choices loom ahead of Eurogroup, IMF repayment

Schaeuble Warns Defaults Can Surprise as Greece Crams for Talks

Mayors hold firm against donating reserves

From April: Jean-Claude Juncker announced there will be no changes to EU Treaties whilst he is in office

Tory right starting setting out EU renegotiation demands including parliamentary veto on new EU rules.

PM under pressure from diehard MPs over EU deal > Greece not UK (for now)


China cuts interest rates to boost economy, 3rd cut since Nov: benchmark deposit+lending rates by 25bp latter to 5.1%

Happy Sunday! China blinks, PBoC cuts interest rates by 25bps, hikes deposit-rate ceiling to 150% of benchmark from 130%

It's only Japan's debt per capita that's a complete and total disaster.

Looked at from the perspective of GDP per working age adult Japan looks even better. Problem is nominal GDP.

GDP per capita comparison (selected developed economies).

Interactive Map: Follow the Roads, Railways, and Pipelines on China’s New Silk Road

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