Saturday, May 30, 2015

MENA Report ( May 30 , 2015 ) - Iraq - Syria Regional War Updates ...... Libya in focus...... Yemen Proxy War Updates.....Saudis suffering blowback .......Iran nuclear Talks in focus...... ISIS information - Turkey caught arming ISIS ?


Iran Militias Step in as US-Backed Forces Crumble

Iran Militias Step in as US-Backed Forces Crumble

As Losses Grow, US Officials Push New Iraq 'Surge'

Video Shows Turkish Govt Arming ISIS

US Downplays Threat as ISIS Bombs Saudi Mosque

ISIS Militants in Libya 'Seize Sirte Airport'

Govt Barrel Bombs Kill 71 Civilians as Syria Army in Retreat

Forces Advance in Ramadi and Baiji; 104 Killed Across Iraq

Yemen Clashes Kill 5 Civilians as Airstrikes Pound Rebels

Houthi Rebels in Yemen Are Holding Multiple Americans Prisoner

Britain May Expand Mission in Iraq

ISIS Launches Offensive on Syria's Hasakah

Hezbollah Ready to Liberate Town on Syria Border

Truck Bombs: ISIS's 'Air Force'

Iraq Bombs, Clashes Leave 22 Dead

Military Retreats as Rebels Continue Syria Offensive

Turkish Daily Accuses Govt of Sending Arms to Syria Rebels

Fighters Battle Houthis in Yemen's Southern City of Aden


Nuclear Saudi Arabia: Rising ambitions of the House of Saud (OP-EDGE)

Random rocket in Benghazi children's playground kills 8 -

Interesting info from Mosul Eye blogger regarding ISIS women's battalion, apparently run by Dina from Uzbekistan:


. is live-tweeting remarkable al-Jazeera interview with al-Jolani, the leader of Syrian al-Qaida wing al-Nusra

Hmmm, is this the true, scary story behind ISIS taking over Ramadi: Military betrayals and former PM Maliki involved?

Arabia's sectarian vulnerabilities have been further exposed after recent IS attacks on Shiite mosques

An al-Qaeda theorist to Al-Monitor: The outcome of the jihadi effort of last 30 years justifies change in strategy

Iran rejects site inspections in a nuclear deal

ISIS group in Saudi urges more attacks against Shiites

Aleppo barrel bomb death toll rises to 71 civilians: activists

Over 4,200 migrants rescued in Mediterranean as crisis grows

Turkish PM dismisses Syria arms video as election ploy

Coalition pounds Yemen capital despite UN envoy arrival

Iran nuclear talks snag on access to military sites

Iran warns against 'excessive demands' in nuclear talks

Syrian army in retreat as rebels tighten grip on Idlib

Iraq's UN Ambassador Al Hakim sad that IS was making up to $100 mil/year from selling looted antiquities

An important corrective: 2,000 ISF in Ramadi faced 200-800 insurgents, highlights attrited state of ISF in Anbar:


gains in : 40 ammo stores, 12,000 machine guns, 21 tanks, 14 pickups, anti-tank missiles, field guns etc.

 Top news story
Yemen's Saleh says Saudi offered him 'millions' to fight Huthis

Huthi rebels kill Yemen capital's governor: relatives