Saturday, May 30, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( May 30 , 2015 ) Broader Europe in Focus ( Spain - Anti - Podemos Rally Flops - Just 200 People Turn Out , PSOE To Search High & Wide For Its PM Candidate , Refugee Related Items ) ..... Broader Europe Splash ( Real GDY & Real M-1 Chart , Unemployment Stunner , Blatter Item , Summers Trashes Growth Oriented Austerity , Poland Update , German Bonds Rebound ) ..... Greece Updates ( Creditor Talks , Bank Status Internal and External Political Items , Economic Items , Refugees , Odds& Ends )


Broader Europe....

Spain's economic recovery - glass half full or half empty?

Spain's tourism sector continues to grow, but not as rapidly as previously.

Euro devaluation helping Spanish exports which hit record in March (+12.5% y-o-y).

Spain's annual deflation rate weakened further in May, falling to -0.3%.

Spain's current account balance continues to improve. March 946 million euros vs -594 million euros March 2014.

PSOE to spend two months choosing a candidate for Prime Minister for the general election. H/T

Huff Post Spain reports one of its reporters has been assaulted at the anti-Podemos demonstration in central Madrid.

About 200 people at the anti-Podemos rally in central Madrid: "Communists out!".

Home Office tweets that 19,000 attempts were made to enter Spanish North Africa cities of Ceuta and Melilla in 2014.

Immigrant boat with 28 on board missing somewhere between Morocco and Spain.


Most insane Eurozone chart at the moment (modest setback due to higher CPI).

WTF - Unemployed in Europe are now resorting to taking unpaid fake jobs that exist in a "parallel universe"


Cameron and Merkel clash over Fifa president Blatter

Growth oriented austerity is complete nonsense. Mein Treffen mit Larry. via

Pound’s Election Honeymoon Over as Focus Shifts to EU Referendum

German bonds seen resilient as talks produce false dawns. 10yr Bund yields drops <0.5%


52% of Apr depo outflows were in banknotes, their circulation incr by €13.3 bln since Dec corresp to 42.3% of withdrawals.


Greek bank deposits hit decade low as bailout talks continue via

open to compromise to seal deal this week: IntMin Voutsis

PM Tsipras meeting now with the Greek negotiating team. Fiscal gap, pensions, public sector & labor reforms issues still open.

Checking lists of tax dodgers a slow process

Greece and creditors seek breakthrough as clock runs down

As it stands, the zone is a mechanism for divergence among its members, not convergence


Greek Interior Minister Voutsis: "We believe that we can and we must have a solution and a deal within the week". ()


Jack Lew on Greece at : too much time spent unproductively since January, serious talks from both sides needed, sooner the better

thinks it can hold out for another week without a deal /via

FinMin Varoufakis: Could Borrow From ESM To Buy ECB’s SMP Bonds ~AVGI via | At last, he mentions the 'borrow' word.

EconMin Stathakis says there's "a one-way street" to an agreement until June 5; says Greek govt will pay €304ml IMF June 5 ~

Pakistani immigrants row their dinghy, which was drifting out of control, in rough seas between Greece and Turkey,

Spot the difference: Daily Mail alters ' article on refugees/holidaymakers in Kos, . No reason given.