Sunday, May 31, 2015

Economic News and Views ( May 31 , 2015 ) - Greece Updates ( Greece may be edging to a tentative agreement on an Interim Deal with the Troika - take with a grain of salt naturally , Varoufakis denies tht he's about to resign , Sunday Teleconference between Tsipras / Merkel and Hollande on deck ) ....... Italy to cast votes in Regional Elections today ( 7 Regions in play - bigger test for Renzi or Berlusconi ? )



Tsipras to talk with Merkel & Hollande via teleconference Sunday evening

Poll: 6 out of 10 Greeks Believe a New Memorandum Is Coming

French PM: There has Been ‘Real Progress’ in Talks with Greece


officials say they're optimistic the next 48 hrs could pave the way to an agreement. 'Conference call w Merkel & Hollande v likely'


Rumours of my impending resignation are (for the umpteenth time) grossly premature...

Politicians waiting for accident to happen in . Cost of insurance against default rises

Greek energy minister held gas pipeline talks in Moscow.

Gov't officials said to draft agreement ahead of new teleconference

Greece, bond purchases to top agenda at ECB meeting

Italy ....

"Italy Holds Regional Vote; Test of PM Renzi's Hold on Party" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT

Italians vote in local polls posing test for Berlusconi: Italians vote in regional elections seen as a k...

Regional elections in Italy: The dream of normality and order

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Italy's rising Northern League leader champions anti-migrant themes in regional elections: