Sunday, May 24, 2015

MENA Report - May 25 , 2015 Iraq / Syria Regional War in Focus .... Iran items of note ....Yemen Proxy War Ongoing ... ISIS Items .... Libya in focus....


Syrian State Media: ISIS Killed 400 in Palmyra

Libyan Warplanes Attack Oil Tanker Off Sirte

US SecDef Blames Iraqi Troops for Recent Losses

DIA in 2012: West Facilitating Rise of 'Islamic State'

Chaos in Iraqi Forces Contributed to Big ISIS Win

Arab Air Strikes Hit Military Bases in Yemen

Kurdish Rebels Fight Each Other; 133 Killed in Iraq

Syrian General Killed in Downtown Damascus Car Bombing

Experts, Diplomats: Syria 'To Accept De Facto Partition' of Country

171 Killed Across Iraq as Fight for Ramadi Begins

Saudi IDs Bomber After Kingdom's Deadliest Attack in Years

Syrian Dissidents to Form New Coalition at Cairo Meet

Palmyra: ISIS Locks Down Ancient City's Museum

Why Did the Taliban Go to Tehran?


A huge chunk of Iraq's federal budget seems to have disappeared, most of it reportedly lost under Maliki

6 weeks after ISIS' defeat in Tikrit, not a single Tikriti appears to have returned to the city. Tikrit remains a ghost town 2this day.

ISIS outlet & accounts said "If we won't have the refinery we burn it"

| Sources: Zuwara militia arrested y'day 's Munir al-Dabbashi & 7 fellow -n militants... 1/2

| 2/2 - 's branch responded by kidnapping 12 people from Zuwara.

in Mrs. Clinton's private emails: Magariaf is concerned that Abushagur is supported by the

Minister says some countries are attempting to divide Libya into three states

Khamenei draws line on military sites and nuclear scientists 

Nuclear talks to resume Tuesday in Vienna: Iran

Remarks by Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, may cause complications for the country’s nuclear negotiators.

Senior Hezbollah official discusses Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon

2 hours agoHoms in Syria is likely to be ISIS’ next great temptation

IS executes 217 in, near Syria's Palmyra in 9 days: monitor