Monday, May 25, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( May 25 , 2015 ) Spanish Regional and Local Election Post-Mortem and Analysis ( Winners and Losers , Knock on Effects such as lower Euro today ) .... Greece Updates ( Financial position and condition , Gov't positions for talks and toward looming payments - internal and external , recent polling data , and more to ponder )


Broader Europe....

EDITORIAL “From now on the two-party system will have a tough time remaining at the center of Spain’s political life”

Upset victory in Barcelona by social activist Ada Colau weakens independence drive for region

Ahora Madrid-PSOE pact likely to keep Esperanza Aguirre from mayoral post in Spanish capital

Election analysis: PP losses at municipal, regional polls mark clear swing to left in Spain

Renzi says EU must change: Winds blow in different directions, but show EU needs reform

Spanish vote 'hammering' for EU-Salvini: League leader says Polish president defeat also anti-EU signal

Euro falls versus Swiss Franc on concern will miss payment

Euro trades below $1.10 as Anti-establishment parties Ciudadanos & Podemos gain ground in ’s regional elections


holds back spending, rakes in one-off revenues for 2.1 bln budget prim surplus at end-April.

travel surplus +8.1% in Mar and +22.7% to 69.1 mln in 3-month (BoG)

travel receipts up 13.3 pct in March as tourist arrivals increase by 34.4 pct.

Greek gov't spox Sakellaridis says there are no plans to submit bills on labour regulations, early pensions to Parliament this week

Greek gov't spox Sakellaridis says talk of capital controls over w/e is "irresponsible" & used for "political purposes"

liquidity crunch forces government to de facto austerity: January-April state budget expenses €2bn (1.2%/GDP) lower than MoU target.

* Greek government spokesman says Greek government has not asked for bailout extension, neither has it been proposed to US - RTRS

* Greek government spokesman says does not believe ECB would raise haircut on collateral provided by Greek banks during negotiations - RTRS

* Greek government spokesman says Greece has money to pay wages and pensions in may - RTRS

* Greek government spokesman says government still looking for comprehensive deal that addresses debt relief and other issues - RTRS

* Greek government spokesman says government not looking into paying IMF loans tranches in June in one go - RTRS

Public Issue poll for Does need early elections? Probably not 89% Probably does 10%

Public Issue poll for If there's a referendum on euro, how would you vote? Euro 71% Drachma 19%

Public Issue poll for SYRIZA 48.5% New Democracy 21 KKE 6 G Dawn 6 Potami 5.5 PASOK 4 Ind Grks 3.5 Others 5.5

Public Issue poll for Do you support gov't negotiating strategy? Yes 54% No 37%

paid the most in interest the year after it was officially broke and zone came to the 'rescue'

If reaches deal with creditors, 90% of bailout money will go back to creditors. So let creditors default on the bad loans they gave

Greece reiterates it has responsibility to make debt payments: ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece has the responsibilit...