Monday, May 4, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( May 4. 2015 ) - Greece Updates ( State of play regarding Greece and Creditor talks , Greece positions , economic data ) .... Broader Europe and Asia in focus !


govt spox Sakellaridis: "The red lines were red lines since February and will continue to be so in the future."

govt spox Sakellaridis: "The Memorandum comprises of a political framework, different from the loan agreement."

govt spox Sakellaridis: "The GR govt is waiting NOT simply until the end of May for the liquidity to be released, but ASAP."

govt spox Sakellaridis: "We are asking for what is ought to be given to Greece based on a loan agreement that has been signed."

Apr Manufacturing PMI -2.4 points to 46.5 from 48.9 in Mar (Markit).

Thanks for the kind words . One piece of info: Despite wishful thinking-based rumours, I remain FinMin & Greece's negotiator at EG!

Greece this week: - Euro Working Group resuming talks today - ECB decision on haircuts (6 May) - €1.4bn in T-bills to roll (8 May)


HFSF initial participation in the 4 systemic banks was €25.5bln, at the end of April that was worth €7.5bln

"It's almost futile" to expect & lenders to reach deal at technocrat level, says Labour Minister Skourletis. Calls on PM to step in

Broader Europe....

Finns Party take hard line in government coalition talks

Brent oil hits 2015 high near $67 a barrel << U.S. shale producers set to eat further into OPEC market share

French Apr Mfg PMI 48.0 vs 48.8

My final election prediction: Con 276 Lab 267 Lib 23 UKIP 5 SNP 54 PC 4 Res 1 Green 1 DUP 9 Sinn Fein 5 SDLP 3 Ind 2

Bond bubble about to pop? Yields of Eurozone govt bonds continue to rise across the board. 10yr Spain yields up 11bps

's Constancio: No early halt to QE even if econ to accelerate more quickly than expected.

’s Manufacturers lift prices in sign scare over.

's QE turns out not to be one-way bet as trade-off between Greek and German yields shows.


Yuan on the way into SDR basket? The is set to brighten its view of ’s currency.

TROUBLE! Much weaker PMI way below 50 supports easing call.