Sunday, May 3, 2015

Economic News and Views ( May 3, 2015 ) - Greece Updates as Greece is back on the brink ( Updates on Creditor Talks - Greece signals willingness to compromise with VAT / not willing to implement pension cuts , " How Greece Saved Europe And Died " via Edward Hugh , What's happening with Greece's working age population ) ...... Carinthia is not Greece - but what exactly is it then ......... Putin in focus .... US Retailers closing more than 6000 stores nationwide - some kind of recovery ...... Bunds and Money printing in focus ......


Talks on Greece in Brussels to resume tmrw as IMF ignores Greek 'red lines', demanding liberalization of labor market, FinMin official says.

Greek FinMin official told me there were no talks today, to resume Monday after IMF insistence on labor sector liberalization.

talks at Brussels Group continue for fourth day with no breakthrough in sight. team said to be uncompromising on labour reforms

Natl Bank of chairwoman Katseli (appointed by Syriza) says agreement w creditors is urgently needed, both sides need to compromise

INFH UXEYX 030515100043 Sources: Greece showing willingness to compromise in bailout talks

willing to consider single VAT rate in debt talks, FAS reports.

Greek Government Will Not Implement Pension Cuts

Very hard to know what's happening to Greec's working age population. explains:

Definitely not default But protracted arrears though? Very likely

5 years after first bailout, Greece is back on the brink via


you try printing $22 trillion in fiat without losing all faith in "money"