Saturday, May 23, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( May 23 , 2015 ) - Greece updates from the week that was ( May18th-May 22nd , highlights of where things stand with creditor talks , inside Greece items , internal and external politics , the road forward ) ..... Spain's Regional and Local Elections could make clear the new political landscape..... Items of note from France , Germany , Italy to consider .....



Neither Grexit nor a dual currency will solve Greece’s problems

Hotel contracts with a ‘Greek default clause’

Listed firms have whisked away most of their cash reserves

Euro exit is matter of time, fmr Fed chief Alan Greenspan tells Dagblad.

Tsipras to appeal for party unity at Syriza’s central committee -

Sources said that considerable distance remains between Greece and the institutions on a range of key issues.

MoF categorically denies report re increase on stock sales tax and tax on deposits.

US Treasury Secretary to Greek PM: Must Reach Agreement with Creditors

Bad idea for €zone to offer Greece a take-it-or-leave-it deal. This will just play into hands of those who think Greece is being dictated to

Unpaid taxes & the ability to pay. 's "fictitious income" tax system (via )

3 out 4 Greeks ask gov not to step back on 'red lines' says a nationwide poll Palmos Analysis for SBC, 5-6 May.

For the first time since the elections, a majority in Greece reports being unsatisfied with the government

Broader Europe.....

ESN : Spain's 2015 Regional Elections: Spain goes to the polls for its regional elections May 24. Andalusia,…

Ciudadanos and Podemos ready to reach deals with Socialists after local and regional elections in Spain


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France to force big supermarkets to give away unsold food to charity

and Germany was also borrowing heavily to finance its military expansion. Strong economy, yeah....

| Business morale weakens and trade dampens Q1 growth

Not a good morning for the economy of as Markit composite falls to 52.8 with both services and manufacturing growth slowing

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Italy's economic division runs deep: as the north limps ahead, the south swoons

Italy to make a one-time payment to millions of retirees following constitutional court ruling last month: