Friday, May 22, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( May 22 , 2015 ) - Riga Summit a quiet flop .... German Fin Min offers pearls today ( GR may need parallel currency , GR may need to issue IOUs ) , Merkel tells Tsipras to forget political deal hail mary - work with technical team of Troika , GR says labor reforms and pensions red lines still in place , GR debt rises in yields after quiet flop Summit


Greece May Need To Issue IOUs Schaeuble Says After Latest Failure To Reach A Deal

last one was a disaster (vilnius). this one just depressing. an exhibition of fear weakness timidity

Greece says deal can come in 10 days, but Merkel warns 'lots still to do' - live

Riga summit declaration. To summarise: We reaffirm our commitment to declare the commitment to European affirmations

Merkel says it's clear a lot of intense work with the 'Institutions' is still needed on

Greek 2yr yields rise to 23.1% as German FinMin spokesperson Jäger says that no deal on possible without IMF.

[Schäuble] "mentioned the idea but did not endorse it". Hm...

new unpaid taxes rise at a smaller pace by €737 mln in Apr to €4.2 bln year to date.

new tax debt below the €1-billion mark for the second straight month.

Tsipras meets X EU leader hoping for political deal, told to focus on talks with technocrats. Repeat to fade

says reform deal can come in 10 days, but Merkel is cautious (Live updates by )