Thursday, May 21, 2015

MENA Report ( May 22 , 2015 ) -- Iraq / syria Regional War and ISIS in focus ......Yemen Airstrikes have resumed by GCC Coalition in Yemen ...... Iran Nuclear Talks Status....


US Official Admits Iraq Reeling From ISIS Offensive

Exiled Yemen Govt: No Talks Without Surrender

US Rushing Anti-Tank Missiles to Iraq for Ramadi Fight

Iraqi Official: No Foreign Troops Needed for ISIS War

ISIS Seizes Palmyra as Central Syria Gains Mount

Fall of Ramadi: 30 Car Bombs, 10 as Big as Oklahoma City Blast, US Official Says

Saddam Nephew Among 151 Killed in Iraq

Kurds Advance Against ISIS in Northeastern Syria

Iran's Khamenei Rules Out Interviews With Nuclear Scientists



At least 5 refugees killed, 10 others injured as Saudi Arabia shells intl aid office in

Yemen-bound Iranian aid ship reaches Djibouti

Iran Nuclear Talks...

WSJ: seeks to boost ties with Americans amid talks via My view: How laughable !

Iran's leader Khamenei vows to resist "excessive demands" as nuclear talks resume

Iraq / Syria....

Islamic State seizes Syria's last border crossing with Iraq: monitor

Islamic State fighters overrun Iraqi govt lines east of Ramadi

security official tells CNN has taken eastern part of Husayba about 17kms east of using car bombs & heavy machine-guns

Musings On Iraq Why Did Iraq’s Ramadi Fall To The Islamic State?