Saturday, April 4, 2015

MENA Report ( April 4-5 Weekend Edition ) - Yemen War is headline event to focus upon , various updates as to state of play ...... Iraq / Syria Regional War in focus ( Tikrit operation in forefront of Iraq aspect ) .... Iran Nuclear Talks - after the Framework Deal , where do things presently stand ?

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Al-Qaeda Seizes SE Yemen Army Base

Houthis Chased From Aden After Saudi Arms Drop

Looting & Lynching: Post-ISIS Tikrit an Ugly Sight

After Tikrit Win, Iraq Orders Military to Win ISIS War by Year's End

ISIS Gains in Damascus Refugee Camp, Fighting Hamas' Allies

Most Iranians Praise Deal, Hardliners Unconvinced

Iran Won Upfront Sanctions Relief, but With Potential Snags

Proposed Accord Far Tougher on Iran Than Expected, Experts Say

US Program to Train New Syrian Force Faces Logistic, Diplomatic Headaches

Iraq PM Orders Arrests of Looters in Tikrit; 23 Killed in Attacks

Pakistan, Turkey Pledge to Stand by Saudi Arabia


Saudi Stocks Are Plunging Following Rejection Of Russian Embargo Proposal; Death Toll Mounts

Yemen's Al-Houthi rebels ready for peace talks if airstrikes stop, senior al-Houthi leader says, reported.

Saudi to raze empty villages on Yemen border: report

Houthi rebels advance in Aden despite air strikes

seize administration as Saudi bombings rack up casualties

Israel prepares lobbying strategy against Iran deal

Suicide bomber kills 4 near Libya's Misrata, airstrikes hit Tripoli outskirts

Syria talks in Moscow to focus on humanitarian issues

Saudi special forces 'involved in Yemen ops'

Yemen tribal forces say will retake Mukalla from Al-Qaeda

ISIS takes 90 percent of Damascus refugee camp: activists

Former intelligence head: Israel mustn't reject Iran deal

3rd day in a row, hearing from multiple sources of more activists being taken from homes in Sana'a by Houthis - 4 rptdy taken today.

After KSA weapons drop in Aden, will they do/perhaps did same in AQAP awash alBayda, Mukalla..Marib to fight the Houthis

Saada totally destroyed after 6yrs of bombardment & Houthis still took over Sana’a. Driving them out of all of seems like pipe dream

MAP: Positions of tanks and areas hit by shelling in , today. -

 Top news story
Yemen: Immediate 24-hour humanitarian pause needed to bring in medical help

Sisi: Securing Yemen's key strait an Egypt priority