Friday, April 3, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( April 3 , 2015 ) - Greece issues varying reports on whether it is preparing to miss the April 9th IMF payment ( as well as floating Grexit / Drachma / Bank Nationalization Plan ) ...... Cyprus to exit all capital controls - ironic timing ........ Russia sees its Reserves rise for the second week in a row...... Asses Purchase Program of ECB -not going to be terminated early .....Italy at the heart of euro question , not Greece....... Oil drops after Framework Agreement reached with Iraq and P5+1 Group..... BRICS looking at their own Rating Agency ....... Oligarch Kolomoisky keeps his man at State Oil Company afte all !


Additional updates at tweet feed !

Belgian FinMn Van Overtfeldt: Release of tranches only upon implemntation of reforms by . Failure to repay IMF "not worth discussing"

Belgian FinMn Van Overtfeldt: If violates commitments, Grexit is possible. "The Eurozone could manage it". ~

's Finance Ministry: "unacceptable measure" of taxing uncollected rent is abolished. Was to have come into effect this year.


Cyprus has drafted plan to deal with fallout of Grexit, Anastasiades says

Pution, Tsipras to discuss Greek economic situation: Peskov /via

ready to make payment on April 9- deputy finmin
  1. Yes, that is an excellent little analysis by Bank of America. One of the best teams in the City

If Greece can't pay in april , why will May be different ? ICYMI -

Jeez, this story is going crazy. Dunno what to hope. And don’t forget warning

EMU will have to get real over Greece, v soon, to avert worst. Merkel is Greece's last real ally, but not omnipotent.

Guys, CHILLAX: the reports of GR missing the IMF payments are from yesterday. They have been denied, re-confirmed, and re-denied since then!

As Greek capital controls loom ever closer, Cyprus announces all controls to be lifted.

Alternate FinMin: If creditor talks collapse, other solutions can be found via

BNP on minutes: March meeting poured cold water on the idea that the extended Asset Purchase Programme (APP) could be terminated early.

stopped bleeding: Gold, FX reserves rises for 2nd consecutive week. Up $7.9bn to $360.8bn.

, not , at heart of euro question.

Oil prices drops as nuclear accord hailed as landmark after marathon talks.

BRICS rating agency discussed at expert level — Russian envoy