Sunday, April 5, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( April 5 , 2015 ) - Updates on Greece situation - Financial situation , Talks involving Creditors including IMF sit-down in DC , politics in Greece ...... Data and Trends in the EU ..... ECB QE in focus..... Euro in focus .... Ukraine in focus as it seeks 15.3 from its creditors in debt restructuring...


Varoufakis says was founding member of Bretton Woods institutions Will pay all its creditors including the IMF Apr 9 ~

managing director says Greek FinMin confirmed will pay Fund on April 9


Gap between european and US earnings

| Early data at General Accounting Office indicate March revenue beat target by €900ml /via

| Head of Employers' Federation Kramer says Grexit is economically manageable but not politically /via

I think it is highly unlikely that fails to repay the . (My argumentation coming up later today)

Lot of speculation today about possible new elex, soon. 2 things here:
1) Nothing new here
2) 's electoral share depends on TIMING

More on the 2nd point: If no deal w Europe is reached & 's politics utterly myth-busted, expect Syriza's share to drop.

But if wages+pensions NOT paid (once, or even twice) before elex [weeks will pass since announcement], expect Syriza's share to drop more.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Endless Supply of Rabbits? Greece to Make April 9 IMF Repayment; B. via

: The three structural gaps that are more dangerous than the crisis /via

Euro Area working age population trend went negative in 2012. Is deflation timing really just a funny coincidence?

Greek DefMin Kammenos send message to Troika that govt will not make cutbacks in pensions or salaries. Said he is against early elections.

Tsipras eyes Russia deal as EU concern intensifies

Big week for Greece as cash runs out and election scenario looms

StateMin Flambouràris says Varoufakis to ask Lagarde to agree on postponement of pensions & labor reforms to June talks ~

StateMin Flambouràris says snap elections are out of the question ~

First raw data on ECB QE show asymmetrical purchase patterns; yes, negative rates have a role in it.

's FinMin Varoufakis to discuss reforms w/ IMF chief Lagarde tdy as the money runs out.

Next sovereign default after : seeks $15.3bn from restructuring of debt.