Thursday, April 30, 2015

MENA Report - ( April 30 , 2015 ) - Global ISIS War - means entanglements around the globe - ISIS popping up in Africa and Afghanistan ........US seeks Iran help with Yemen even as the Iran - P5 +1 Talks could be ham-strung by the US Senate .....Yemen ongoing Regional Proxy War continues to take its toll on civilians ....... Iraq - Syria Regional War continues its daily death dealing - with refugee blowback rolling up on Europe shores , as well as in Lebanon and Jordan .....Libya continues to be a hell hole failed state.....


US Poised to Expand ISIS Fight Worldwide

US Asks Iran to Help With Yemen Peace Talks

Senate Rejects Iran Amendment Amid Veto Threat

US Continues Afghan War Under 'Training' Guise

ISWAP: Boko Haram Rebrands as ISIS Affiliate

69 Killed Across Iraq as Sadr Threatens Return to Fight

Govt Bombing Kills 23 in North Syria

Obama Would Veto Any Bill That Would Undermine Iran Nuclear Talks: White House

Yemen Government to Request Membership in GCC: Official Yemeni Spokesman

Libya's $1.2bn Goldman Lawsuit Hangs in Balance After Lawyers Quit

The United Arab Emirates Bulks Up on American Weapons

Obama Increasing Help to France in African Terror Fight


Jordan's overland trade paralyzed by Iraq, Syria border woes

Iran 'godfather' of ISIS jihadis: opposition leader

Syrian opposition, activists report chemical attack in Idlib

Syrian rebels battle ISIS allies near Golan

Europe should learn from Lebanon’s refugee crisis: Italy

U.S., allies conduct 21 air strikes in Syria, Iraq: military