Thursday, April 2, 2015

MENA Report ( April 2 -3 , 2015 ) Iran Nuclear Talks ( After 8 days in Switzerland , both sides appear closer to being able to make a Joint Statement ) ...... Yemen reeling under Saudi Coalition Attacks ( Houthis targets , but civilians paying huge toll ) ....... Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates.... Gunmen storm Kenya College in Garissa today ......


Iran Framework Deal Reached, Officials Confirm

US Increases Involvement in Saudi War on Yemen

Amnesty Probes Iraqi Forces' Abuses in Tikrit

Al-Shabaab Attacks Kenya University, Killing 147

ISIS Affiliate Kills 17 in Sinai Peninsula

Battered Yemenis Turn Against Saudi-Led War

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Into Thursday

Over 6,000 Killed During March in Iraq

UN: 519 Civilians Killed in Two Weeks of Yemen Fighting

Saudi War Faces Setbacks as Houthis Gain, Opposition Grows

Al-Qaeda Seizes Yemen Port, Frees Over 300 Prisoners

Houthis Seize Much of Southern Yemen's Aden

Yemen Refugee Camp: People Burned Beyond Recognition

Saudi Strike Kills at Least 40 Civilians at Yemen Dairy

As ISIS Withdraws Iraq Faces Real Test of Holding Tikrit

ISIS Storms Refugee Camp in Damascus

US-Backed Rebels Seize Syria-Jordan Border Crossing

UN Report: Over 20,000 Foreign Fighters in Iraq, Syria

Iraq Forces, Pushing ISIS Out of Tikrit, Give Few Thanks for US Airstrikes

Gulf Arabs Silent After Iran Interim Nuclear Deal

Israeli Intel Minister Talks Up Unilateral Attack on Iran

Nuclear Deal Means More Iran Oil – Just Not This Year

Syrian Aircraft Bomb Area Near Captured Jordan Crossing

Yemen Combatants Not Ready for Talks, Says Neighbor Oman

GCC Countries in Tough UN Talks With Russia on Yemen

Over 6,000 Killed During March in Iraq; 94 More Killed on Wednesday

Yemenis Seek Refuge in Somalia and Djibouti

Iraq Caught Between US Help and Shi'ite Militias

Jordan Closes Border With Syria Amid Heavy Clashes

Lebanon: Tensions Soar in Arsal With Tit-for-Tat Kidnappings



P5+1 FMs meeting now ongoing w/o FM. China & Russia represented by Dep or political directors.


Zarif:It's difficult for P5+1 to reach coordination among themselves.Iran & P5+1 views &also internal views in P5+1 are different.

P5+1 FMs meeting, without Iran, at talks has begun in Lausanne, per official.

Iran nuclear talks run into 8th day, there is still no agreement

DepFM Zarif: it is difficult for the P5+1 to reach the coordination among themselves.

FM says will announce a joint statement with today if all goes smoothly.

Iran nuclear chief says 'lots of progress made', 'sunrise is close'

Houthi forces in Aden pull back after airstrikes

BREAKING: Al-Shabab claims responsibility for Kenya university attack, says holding Christian hostages

told me it entered university in at 3am, separating Muslims from non-Muslims.

Al Shabaab officially claims responsibility for ( and the BBC's )

Gunmen storm Kenyan college campus in Garissa

14 now dead and gunmen cornered in one hostel in say police