Thursday, April 2, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( April 2 , 2015 ) -- Greece Updates ( Gov't Spending Data , Creditor Talks and Greek political front items ) .... Data splash ( Italy 2014 Primary surplus / GDP falls - 1.6 % vs 1.9 % 2013 ) ...... Goggle in Anti-Trust Crosshairs in Europe ....... Russia continues to benefit from rising oil price , ruble rally and falling default probability ...... Portugal at risk if Grexit occurs


Varoufakis blames the 'Institutions' for leaks of reform proposals. "Citizens' trust is undermined by such actions"

Greece’s government spending, 2000-2015 (EUR Million, Constant Prices, SA)

's bonds on roller coaster as payment looms /via

Cracks start to emerge in governg coalition. Ministers & MPs realize that an agreement w the Eurozone wll require bitter concessions

ND's Samaras says he’d join a national unity government to keep in the zone via ht

Greek gov't spox Sakellaridis tells Mega TV has money to pay IMF on April 9, hopes for agreement with lenders before next w/e


* Italy 2014 deficit/gdp confirmed at 3.0 pct vs. 2.9 pct in 2013 -istat - RTRS

Brussels ready to turn up heat on Google

Russia Nabiullina says situation on currency market has normalised - RTRS

optimism prevails: Assets and Ruble rally while default probability drops to 23% lowest level since Dec.

costs rise as said to raise ELA limit for Greek banks by €700mln bringing overall amount to around €71bn

If leaves, can stay? Measured by all metrics Portugal looks most vulnerable to contagion.