Monday, April 6, 2015

Economic News Data and Views ( April 6 , 2014 ) - Greece updates ( Creditor Talks in focus this week , Swiss Banker wanted for Siemens , arms scandals in custody , Tsipras heads to Moscow ) ..... Turkey blocks social media again..... Euro expected to break parity to USD by Q3 and fall even lower during 2016 and 2017 ..... Ruble goes from worst to best currency in 2015 ..... Abenomics in tatters ......


VAT hike on the islands is back on the table

Hundreds of bankruptcies seen this year

Party leaders clash over bid for Parl’t probe into memorandums

Varoufakis gets a scolding from US: commit to reforms if you want any money. Did he need to fly through night to be told as much?

US Treasury UnderSec Sheets urges to fully commit to a process of technical negotiations with its int'l partners /via


Swiss banker wanted for Siemens, arms scandals in Greek custody

Social media blocked in . Alleged reason: photos of hostage prosecutor leaked last week. Real reason: Constitutional dictatorship.


Italy's GDP per capita is now lower than Spain's - a country that had a military dictatorship regime as recently as 1975!

Barclays: Euro likely to fall below parity with Dollar by Q3 of this year

Deutsche bank expects the Euro to fall as low as $0.90 next year and $0.85 in 2017

| First crack in coalition: ANEL reject Justice Dept bill tht scraps hi-sec prisons, facilitates early release of convictd terrorists

Varoufakis: The solution for the Greek economy should be found within 's framework /via

Greece Pursues Talks on All Fronts as Tsipras Travels to Russia via

And btw, paying €450mn back is not the end, Greece is due to pay €9bn towards IMF this year. This can't be restructured or rescheduled.

Ruble whipsaws top forecasters as worst currency becomes best.

Ruble gains vs Dollar in tandem with oil price.

in tatters: 2yrs into BoJ's QQE w/ bal sheet doubled deflation will return in Apr on sales tax hike effect