Monday, April 6, 2015

MENA Report ( April 6 , 2015 ) - Yemen War in focus ( state of play from battlefield to political landscapes ) ..... Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( Tikrit and what comes next , battlefield and political reports for Iraq and Syria ) ...... Iran nuclear talks - next phase ( the road is rocky from Framework to Final Agreement ) ......... Libya Situation ( Oil , ISIS , Two Gov't State and more ) ....... Additional items of interest !

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Yemen's Houthis Urge Ceasefire and Peace Talks

What's Next After Tikrit? US and Iraq Disagree

Netanyahu Reiterates: I'm Trying to Kill Iran Deal

Civilians Taking the Brunt of Saudi War on Yemen

2 Killed, 30 Protesters Hurt as Saudi Forces Attack Antiwar Rally

Hundreds of ISIS Fighters Remain in Northern Tikrit

After Tikrit Victory, Iraq's New Challenge: Win Over Sunnis

Nuclear Deal Details Hazy: US and Iran Telling Different Stories

126 Killed in Iraq as Baghdad Suffers Spate of Bombings

Governor Warns Shi'ite Militias Should Not Have Role in Mosul Fight

Dozens Killed in Fighting Near Yemen's Aden Port

Warplanes Hit Yemen's Sanaa Overnight, Clashes in Mukalla: Residents

Senior Yemeni Sunni Leaders Abducted by Houthis

Syria Talks in Moscow to Focus on Humanitarian Issues

Egyptian Militant Group Leader Killed by Security Forces: Sources

Suicide Bomber Kills Four Near Libya's Misrata, Air Strikes Hit Tripoli Outskirts

As War Grows, Libya's Official Government in New Bid for Oil Cash


PM says minimal Tikrit damage

Israel applies to join China-backed AIIB investment bank via thanks

ISIS moves very deliberately in gaining from the chaos in Libya

Libya may be splitting apart over oil revenues via Keep an eye on this item !

Misrata militias claim they have captured Gen Ben Nail of the Libyan Army & killed him under captivity.

4 years on - another international intervention? Listen to an interview with Libyan politician Guma El-Gamaty.

Empty cabinet a year after Afghan vote

-Led Coalition Airstrikes Destroy Storage Facility Near

executed a number of leaders on charges of plotting to attack and kill ISIS elements in .

Senior official Jabar Yawar: We have not received any money from until now and Peshmerga's...

BREAKING: Hezbollah's military presence in Syria is fully determined by Damascus: Nasrallah

Syria war remains open-ended: Nasrallah