Saturday, March 14, 2015

MENA Report ( Weekend of March 14 -15th , 2015 ) - Syria / Iraq Regional War in focus ( Iran dominant force on ground in conjunction with US Airstrikes pushing back ISIS in Iraq , In Syria US hits ISIS and al Nusra but doesn't want to see Assad Government collapse ) ....... Yemen in focus ( Houthis still dominate force in Yemen with Iran assist ) ..... Libya in focus - examining how the decision to topple Gaddafi led to present failed state ...... ISIS fight sees cells in Spain and Indonesia dismantled , battle agaianst ISIS could lead to Libya and Nigeria as Global ISIS war expands


Kerry Says Willing to Negotiate With Assad

Senate Dems Set to Defy Obama, Oppose Iran Deal

ISIS Stalls Iraq's Offensive Against Tikrit

Syrian Opposition Mulls Leaving Assad in Power

Atrocities Committed by US-Trained Iraqis, Again

White House Issues Iran Deal Warning to Senate

US Struggles to Tell Good Iraqis From Bad Iraqis

Wounded al-Qaeda Being Treated in Israel

US Officials See Iran's Involvement in ISIS War a 'Mixed Blessing'

Iraqi Forces Pause in Battle to Drive ISIS From Tikrit

Four Months In, Iraq-Kurdish Oil Deal Near Collapse

Mass Grave Discovered Near Kirkuk; 53 Killed Across Iraq

Iraqi Kurds Says ISIS Used Chlorine Gas Against Them

Iraqi Turkmens Demand Armed Force of Their Own Ahead of Mosul Offensive Against ISIS

US Soldier Wounded in Iraq, 194 Killed in Battles

Battle for Tikrit: Despite Billions in Aid, Iraqi Army Relies on Militia, and Iran

CIA Director Suggests Iraq Functions as Interlocutor in US-Iran Fight Against ISIS

Resignation and Despair in Cradle of Syrian Revolt

Indonesia Says 32 Held or Missing in Turkey, Suspected Trying to Join ISIS

Spain Dismantles 'ISIS-Linked Jihadist Cell'

Houthis Come Down From Mountains to Fill Yemen's Power Vacuum

Houthis Come Down From Mountains to Fill Yemen's Power Vacuum



Wendy Sherman leads delegation to Lausanne


If fail Tehran can point finger at GOP, Europeans say via


resolved 2keep Arak reactor,Fordo enrichment plant in any final deal w powers

Declassified Documents: Helped Fund via Government

delegation returned from to

Assad relative assassinated in Syria: activists

Yemeni opposition announces united front against Houthis

Lebanon Army defuses bomb near northern border

U.S. warns of possible attacks on Western oil workers in Saudi Arabia

Iraqi forces will liberate Tikrit within 72 hours: spokesman

Iraq militia leader hails Iran's 'unconditional' support

US does not want to see Syrian regime 'collapse': CIA

US-led raids on ISIS in Syria after Kurdish plea: activists

Where does Syria stand, after four years of war? Here's our special anniversary coverage:

LIBYA: Seems op to oust IS just started: Clashes reported between the Islamic State and Misrata forces in Sirte -

American Officials: Washington has not intervened or imposed names for 's unity govt.

US May Expand War on Affiliates To rhetoric doesn't match "peace"talks with former terrorists