Friday, March 13, 2015

MENA Report ( March 13 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria war in focus , Iran Nuclear Talks in focus , Libya in focus , Yemen in focus.....


The Secret Saudi Ties to Terrorism

UNSC Begins Talks on Lifting Iran Sanctions

Iraq's Sectarian Purges Derail US War Strategy
Rights Group: US Strikes Killed 100 Syria Civilians

Al-Qaeda a Lesser Evil? Syria War Pulls US, Israel Apart
Shi'ite Victory in Tikrit Would Cement Iran's Influence in Iraq

Report: US Airstrike Kills 22 Iraqi Soldiers in Ramadi 'Friendly Fire'

208 Killed in Iraq as Fighting in Tikrit Continues

Iraqi Forces Slowed by Snipers and Bombs in Tikrit

US Watching for Ethnic Cleansing in Tikrit Battle in Iraq

ISIS 'Using Chlorine Gas' in Iraq Roadside Bombs

US General: Extremist Recruits Going to Syria From Caribbean

Assad Must Go, US Says, as Syrian War Enters Fifth Year

Eighty Percent of All Syria's Lights Have Gone Out Due to War

Ayatollah, German Foreign Minister Slam GOP Letter on Iran

Some Republican Senators Surprised by Backlash to Iran Letter

Rival Libyan Parliament Says Eastern Force Tried Selling Oil

Shi'ite Militia Shoot Dead Yemen Protester

Yemen's Houthis Hold Exercises Near Saudi Border

Yemen Talks in Saudi Arabia Open to the Houthis, Says GCC

World Bank Suspends Operations in Yemen


GCC unruffled by Houthi military drill

VIDEO: defense minister pays visit to Northern Region armed forces

REPORT: Regime forces edge toward Latakia’s rebel-controlled Jabal al-Akrad.

Jabhat al-Nusra slammed for not severing ties with al-Qaeda 

Riot police used water cannons to disperse protesters during march in

NOC aware of attempts at illegal Libyan crude oil sales – warns of legal counter steps -

LWPP releases a ''Crisis Response Strategy'' to achieve stabilization in Libya at the 59th CSW session -