Saturday, March 14, 2015

Economic Data , News and Highlights ( March 14 -15th , 2015 ) Greece in focus ( status of creditor talks , threats of Grexit and contagion , protests ) Putin watch continues , currencies in focus ( Dollar , Euro , EM ) , commodities in focus especially oil , Central Banker watch

3/15/15 Tweets...

Four scenarios for the government

Biggest bond holders (incl Franklin Templeton & ) form group, hire Blackstone for restructuring talks

EU extends sanctions over for another 6 months

EU executive warns of Grexit 'catastrophe', urges euro solidarity -

A shift in Spain's political landscape - RT Spain's Podemos Party Faces a Challenger

3/14/15 - Tweets.....

, to follow if exits eurozone, says Greek Defense Minister.

's FinMin Varoufakis says QE to fuel unsustainable equity rally & are unlikely to boost euro zone investments.

Liquidity crisis also exist when there are no signs of queues or panic at ATMs MT Homeless ATM

Ongoing protest in Thessaloniki. for stopping citizens prosecutions for anti-gold protests TRMT

Has anyone seen Putin?

says creditors face losses on Dollar bonds. Investors already priced in a default.

has lethal aid deals with 11 EU countries – Poroshenko

US threatens to cut Russia off from SWIFT; SWIFT puts Russia on the board. Major diss for an overweening USG.

Specs are very long USD & RUB, while extremely short AUD, EUR. positioning has declined dramatically. (via JPM)

ended at a fresh 12yr low as specs extended short positions. Acc to JPM risk-reward in chasing the Euro is poor

SLJ: EM currencies will likely face extremely hostile conditions in months ahead. USDBRL has moved from 1.50 to 3.20, w/o any Fed tightening

Is This The Catalyst For The Next Big Leg Down In Oil Prices & Energy Stocks?

2015 will be a record year for central bank intervention because things have never been better

It's impressive that US rig count is now at 2011 levels, yet production continues to climb. Is OPEC going to blink?

Chart: Continuous Commodity Index -

Chart: Dollar index ( ) breaks through 100 -

At zero interest rates, it is very difficult for the German insurance industry to remain solvent

Global finance faces $9 trillion stress test as dollar soars