Saturday, March 21, 2015

MENA Report ( Weekend Edition March 21 -22 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates...... Yemen Conflict - bombings at Shi'a Mosques kill and injury hundreds ..... ISIS makes hay in chaotic Libya .....Boko Haram mayhem continues as Nigeria gets closer to its delayed Election.... Kuwait and Afghanistan items of note.... Iran nuclear talks take a break as the West meets to consolidates its positions on sanctions


Sunnis Say Shi'ites Burn Homes Outside Tikrit

100 Special Forces Evacuated From Yemen Base

Ahead of US Visit, Afghan Leader Warns of ISIS Threat

UN Security Council to Meet on Yemen Sunday

Yemeni President Demands Houthis Quit Sanaa Amid New Fighting

Haftar Forces Launch Offensive to 'Liberate' Tripoli

Libya's Recognized Govt Launches Air Strike on Camp in Tripoli

93 Killed Across Iraq Amid More Reports of Shi'ite Retribution

In Boko Haram Fight, Lines Blur Between Nigeria Troops, Foreign Mercenaries

Corruption Blights Nigerian Army's Fight Against Rebels

Iran's Top Leader Rejects US 'Bullying' in Nuclear Talks

Kurdish Chief Calls for Congress to End Turkey Rebellion


US Marine Corps urges 'vigilance' after ISIS publishes online hit list

US weapons shipment to arrive end of March

Yemen officials say Shiite rebels seize country's third largest city, Taiz.

Anti-aircraft guns fire at plane over Aden: witnesses



142 Killed in Bombings of Yemen Shi'ite Mosques

US Officials: ISIS Making Serious Inroads in Libya

Operation to Retake Tikrit Stalled by Heavy Casualties, Discord
ISIS Bomber Kills 35 Kurds in Northeast Syria

Over 1,000 May Already Be Dead in Tikrit Battle; 43 Killed Across Iraq

Retreating Boko Haram Leaves Mass of Throat-Slit Corpses Near Nigerian Town

Over 45,000 Egyptians Flee Libya After ISIS Beheadings

Anti-Aircraft Guns Fire at Planes Over Yemen's Aden Presidential Compound: Government Sources

A Day After a Killing, Afghans React in Horror, but Some Show Approval


Carnage claimed by ISIS deepens Yemen’s wounds

activists targeted under GCC security pact 

: according to some reports Iranian general Sadiq Yadi has been killed in clashes around

Kurds call for greater autonomy for Iraqi regions to prevent another ISIS:

ISW’s Iraq SITREP. ISF+allies shelling of Tikrit. May disrupt ISIS, but may also be divisive.

Given Qasem Soleimani's popularity and closeness to Khamenei, he has a wide range of options

Russia to help fight against Islamic extremism (RIA Novosti pic)

Iran will not stop its nuclear research and development program, Supreme Leader Khamenei asserted today. CC:

: "the time has come for America and its allied to choose; 'pressure or agreement.'"

Zarif: U.S. and allies must “choose: ‘pressure or agreement’" in nuclear negotiations. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded via his Twitter page to President Barack Obama’s Nowruz message to the Iranian people, stating: “The Iranian people have made up their minds; “engage with dignity.” The time has come for America and its allies to choose; ‘Pressure or agreement.’” (YJC)

: Kerry says US not in a 'rush' to get Iran deal

: Iran's President Rouhani says differences remain but "agreement is possible" in nuclear talks

: 's Fabius says wants solid agreement over Iran’s nuclear program that guarantees it cannot get atomic bomb

meets UK, Fr, Ger and UK counterparts. On my way to to cover

France balks at US plan for phased lifting of Iran nuclear sanctions

We have now left Lausanne as this round of wrap up. See you all next week in Geneva