Friday, March 20, 2015

MENA Report ( March 20 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War in focus ...... Iran Nuclear Talks - Working toward the Outline for a Deal ....... Yemen has a bloody few days as its Civil War continues ...... Libya instability continues......


Tunisia Has NATO to Thank for Recent Woes

CIA Declassifies Iraq War Justification Document

Tunisia Has NATO to Thank for Recent Woes

2,320 US Airstrikes, $2 Billion, and Not Much to Show for It

Tunisia Says Militants in Museum Attack Trained in Libya

Mass Grave Discovered; 74 Killed in Iraq

Speculation Mounts Over the US' Stance on the Syrian Regime

US 'Deeply Disturbed' by Reports of Chemical Weapons in Syria: Kerry

9 Detained in Connection to Museum Attack

Yemen President's Southern Stronghold Attacked by Rivals

Yemen Clashes Force Closure of Aden Airport


"Coming of spring" can put an end to "harsh winters" of US and Iran, says in his Nowrooz statement

DETAILS: Spiritual leader of movement killed in mosque attack

DETAILS: Three high-ranking were among the casualties

UNSMIL: Attacks on airports represent deliberate attempt to undermine dialogue -

UN report: Iran still honoring terms of interim nuclear deal

EU leaders discuss Tunis attack, Islamist threat in Libya

BREAKING: Death toll in Yemen mosque bombings rises to 55: medics

BREAKING: Suicide bombers attack two mosques in central Sanaa during Friday prayers: Yemen police