Saturday, March 21, 2015

Economic Report - News and Views ( March 21 -22 , 2015 Weekend Edition ) Greece - Post Europe Summit Crisis Talks End With Greece In Its Usual Place ( Behind the eight ball , with less time and cash on hand ) ...... Austria's HETA Bank Bailed Out By Germany ........ Ukraine Items Of Note ( Natural Gas Talks With Russia , US Taxpayers To Guarantee Ukraine Bond Issuance ) ....... Russia Looks to Eurasian Currency Union , Note Reserves Dip Once Again ..... Italy's Taxation Reaches New Levels ...... Japan Set To Experience Hyperinflation .....


When can get some of €7.2bn in bailout cash? Not until all reforms implemented, says FinMin. intvw

Germany Gives Greece One Final Ultimatum After Friday's "Optimistic" Talks Devolve Into Disagreement And Confusion

German media: Greece to remain liquid until April 8

govt eyes sending 10-page reform list to Institutions on Wed, so EWG can process it on Thu, wd like xtra Eurogroup March 30 ~Mega TV

Tsipras says positive that mtng w Merkel not "under pressure of negotiations", plans to discuss European & bilateral issues ~

Greek PM faces Merkel amid race to detail reforms

Admin Reform Minister Katrougalos claims if allegations of unethical behavior were accurate he'd leave & kill himself

Admin Reform Minister Katrougalos says as lawyer he didn't agree commission deals with sacked civil servants to get jobs back

is likely to run out of money by Apr8, FAS reports.

The Perfect Storm For OIl Hits In Two Months: US Crude Production To Soar Just As Storage Runs Out



’s unbalanced austerity & drastic increase of poverty was irresponsible unilateral actions to reverse it isn't

Latest Greece Talks End in Confusion, Dissent: It's hard to fathom Greece's approach to its dealings with its ...

So parliament voted the 1st 2 laws of new gov't this week, tackling "humanitarian crisis" & settlement of tax and soc sec arrears.

Ukraine, Russia start new talks to supply gas to Kiev

In case you missed it: keeps bleeding. Reserves has dropped to $351bn, lowest since 2007.

Specs went into the FOMC long USD, extremely short . That explains sharp FX moves after dovish FOMC meeting.