Monday, March 23, 2015

Economic News , Data and News ( March 23 , 2015 ) - Greece naturally in focus (Tsipras and Merkel meet in Germany today , Government Reserves to run out by the end of March , EU Commission 2 BN tied to reaching agreement with Eurogroup , Greece current account deficit widens to 847 ML , Tsipas to present Merkel reform list today , Did The Greece Government send Representatives to Tehran to try to sell GR debt , and even more ) ......Europe's Populist Parties waning in wake of Syriza flailing ..... Cash flees Eurozone .....Oil keeps flowing , prices keep falling , EZ debt prices keep falling.....Shanghai Composite higher for 9th day in a row....


unable to repay Russian debt -

BREAKING: plans to entirely abandon Russian gas from April 1


Only Technocrats Can Save Greece Now: Athens will wrest further concessions from creditors only if its numbers add up

Varoufakis cancels planned trip to London on Tuesday

Tsipras’ message to Merkel is at odds with the pre-election/pre-crisis Varoufakis message that NPV of Greece’s debt burden must be reduced

Tsipras: to Merkel - "I am urging you not to allow a small cash flow issue to turn into a large problem for Greece and for Europe”

Back to Tsipras: It sounds like his message is that ECB is turning liquidity into solvency issues. Is this why Draghi was upset?

Tsipras: (translation) - if we run out of money, we will choose humanitarian relief and domestic payment over servicing loans to Troika

Tsipras: debt service means “sharp deterioration in the already depressed Greek social economy — a prospect that I will not countenance”

'€2bn from EU Commission a 'parallel process' to Eurogroup = No agreement in the Eurogroup, no €2bn.

unblocking of €2bn for announced by Friday is 'parallel process' to Eurogroup talks ~ /via

'Merkel will not allow herself to be geopolitically blackmailed by Tsipras' /via

current account deficit widens to 847 mln (+152% YoY) in Jan as exports fall further.

to present with concrete measures today including VAT increase + retirement age pushback to 67 years

Acc to Ta Nea newspaper, ForMinistry representatives went to Tehran (wtf) in order 4 the latter to consider buying part of Gr debt

| report in re Greek MFA envoy (Tsipras' cousin) to Iran in search of Tbill investors

No cash for Athens until "real test" reforms approved & implemented, says Spain:

Leaked Tsipras Letter to Merkel Shows Increased Desperation, Warns of Imminent Default: If the plan of the Tro...

Torrent of cash exits the .

faces decisive week as Euro outlaw Tsipras is set to meet sheriff Merkel.

's Tsipras warned Merkel of ‘impossible’ debt payments.

Belgium Sells 10-Year Bonds at Record-Low Avg Yield of 0.419%

RTRS headline: Saudis keep on pumping, oil prices keep on slumping

Shanghai Composite was up 2.0%, 9th consecutive day higher and the longest winning streak since April 2007