Thursday, February 26, 2015

MENA Report and Global ISIS War Updates - February 26 , 2015 - Focus on ISIS in Iraq / Syria , Global push back against ISIS , Regional War Developments , Updates for Libya and Yemen


'Jihadi John' Identified: Londoner Was Courted by MI5

Al-Qaeda Declares War Against US-Armed Rebels in NW Syria

Why Iran Believes ISIS Is a US Creation

ISIS Captures 100 Iraqi Sunni Tribesmen

FBI Investigating ISIS Suspects in All 50 States

Report: Libya Coup General to Meet With Israeli Officials
ISIS Recruiters Setting Up Shop in Militant-Rich Pakistan

Will US Troops Be Drawn Back Into Iraq War?

Coalition Airstrikes Kill Civilians; 224 Killed Across Iraq

Activist: ISIS Now Holds 262 Christians Hostages in Syria

Jordan Takes No Chances in Confronting Homegrown Jihadis

Yemen Government: Saudi Ambassador Decamps to Aden From Houthi-Controlled Capital

For Yemen's Arab Spring Activists, Hope Plummets as Chaos Deepens

187 Killed, 100 Kidnapped Wednesday in Iraq

Syrian Kurds Cut ISIS Supply Line Near Iraq

Abducted Syrian Christians Moved to Militant Stronghold

Libyan Parliament Proposes Haftar, a Divisive Figure, as Head of Army

Amnesty: Egypt Military Strike Against Libya May Amount to War Crime

ISIS May Attack Jordan Malls, US Embassy Warns

Houthis Take Over US-Trained Special Forces Base in Yemen Capital

Turkish Police Arrested and Accused of Wiretapping President Erdogan

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Iran 'bound' to complete talks by March 31

Reup: My column on Islamic State's scariest success - recruiting thousands of Westerners, often from non-Muslim homes

KRG got 250 bil dinars from Baghdad Will be used to pay public employees for Dec

Reports saying that Syrian State TV has officially declared Rustom Ghazali dead due to "illness".

Marib and Jawf governors met with Hadi in Aden

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How America's invasion of Iraq, the Sunni backlash against Shias and civil war in Syria gave rise to Islamic State

Former mass murder suspect & current MP Hakim al-Zamili claims Iraq downed 2 planes giving aid to (v )

Army pounds jihadi targets on Lebanon-Syria border

ISIS has abducted 220 from Christian villages: activists

Flurry of attacks divert Iraqi army's attention

Rouhani, Khamenei on same page in nuclear talks

Update on kidnapped French &Yemeni women : UN official has made contact with kidnappers & negotiating with them.

: Saudi-owned banks thru which most Yemeni banks SWIFT transactions are routed is rejecting all inbound/outbound YE funds transfers

Libya: Resolution of Libyan Crisis Could Only Be Political and Not Military, According to Tunisia and Italy: [...

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Report: Libyan general Heftar plans to meet Israeli officials in Amman -

Centcom confirms airstrikes in Qaim . leaders targeted in attack says Al-Arabiya