Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Europe market moving and political news and views - February 25 , 2015 - Ukraine - Russia situation more in focus today as Greece immediate fires have been placed on the backburner ..... Additional news and views touching on Europe

Evening Tweets.......

Revenue shortfall came to 1 bln euros in January

Fitch warning on Greek sovereign and bank financing

Syriza parl group passes govt's agreement w the Eurogroup after an 11-hours long debate /via

Acc to sources, Greek govt's agrmnt w the Eurozone was passed w overwhelming majority in Syriza parl group. But even 10% neg votes may hurt.

Varoufakis counts on to avoid Greek default in march. Default probability rises to 66%.

IMF: Ukraine bailout payments to be "heavily front-loaded," including "a significant initial disbursement."

IMF confirms March 11 date set for Ukraine bailout approval, if Kiev passes budget & economic overhaul preconditions.

"Greeks consider taxes as theft” -Aristides Hatzis, University of Athens associate professor

"It will be challenging for the ECB to source enough government bonds to meet its QE targets"

EU, in full deflation in Jan -0.5/-0.6%. In fact, Malta & Austria are only 2 EZ states NOT in deflation

Morning tweets.....

Schauble: "Germans Doubt The Greek Promises", No More Money For Athens Until All Commitments Met

's Schaeuble: credibility of new plan still in doubt

will not complete power utility, grid operator sales -Energy Min Lafazanis

"We've got 4 months to rebuild trust with EU&IMF", tells me for "Beyond that, uncharted territory for "

ECB and IMF to Greece: No Escaping the Austerity Hairshirt: We warned readers who are still keen to take the S...

German Fin Min Schaeuble: deal not easy for as govt "had told people something completely different in the campaign & afterwards"

Greek Energy Minister Lafazanis appears to contradict gov't pledge on privatisations: (h/t )

Lithuania will reintroduce conscription in light of the crisis:

Ilargi: How Far Is It From Kiev To Athens?: A detailed analysis of why the unbelievably uncreditworthy Kiev go...

Ukraine currency rockets 30% after tighter FX controls

 Top news story

Ukraine truce appears to take hold; currency trading banned


Exchange kiosks on the streets in Kiev were selling limited amounts of dollars for 39 hryvnias, around 20 percent worse than the rates advertised in the windows of commercial banks where dollars were not available.


PM says central bank banned currency trade without consultation with government -

RECORD KLAXON. Germany sells five-year bonds at negative yield.

Irish 10-year yield falls below 1% for the first time in history. How's that for a turnround?

secures record low 10yr borrowing cost at auction. Sold €1.5bn 2025 bond at 2.041%, more than tgt €1-1.25bn

SB: Rates are never going to go up again. It just can't happen. We've built whole fin edifice that can only make sense in world of low rates

says Moody's move on rating is hasty. Belarus Ruble has lost 34% vs USD in past 12mth

Ukrainian paramilitaries warn they may upset Kiev-EU air links

Both sides in Ukraine conflict commited war crimes — Amnesty International chief

Russia’s parliament ratifies agreement on $100 bln BRICS Development Bank

EU sanctions on Russia fail to produce expected results — Cyprus president

Corruption in , : untaxed ads bring cash directly to officials' pockets

UK to send troops to : In staggering communications breakdown, broke Cameron's decision to Brussels

No decision to halt deliveries to yet – Russian Energy Minister