Thursday, February 26, 2015

Europe Business , Market Related News , Political News and Views - February 26 , 2015 -

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ECB Warns UK: Excluding Russia From SWIFT "Could Undermine Confidence In The Whole System"


So when is the Greek drama set to make a surprise come back appearance?
Greece is due to pay the IMF 310 million euros on March 6, 350 million on March 13, 580 million on March 16 and another 350 million on March 20.
We suggest readers grab a seat and some popcorn on any of those days, because the inevitable day when Greece finally runs out of not just its own but other people's money, may arrive as recently as one week from today.

Postponing an IMF tranche ‘means default’

1st anti-gov rally in Athens since elex, by far-leftists, ends w protesters torching cars, smashing storefronts. Communist Party's rally Fri

"In return for Russian navy ships in Cypriot ports, Moscow has agreed to restructure its €2.5 billion bailout loan." -

IMF source tells that even if the Greek gov't asks for 2-month grace it's unlikely to pass IMF's board.

"SMP profit has been distributed. And members have transferred profits to their national budgets" except in Greece?

Germany will be delighted to learn that Greece is said to need another €30 billion per MNI

Interesting. has calculated Ukraine's implied inflation rate at a whopping 272%

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Deposits in Greek banks fall by 12 bln euros in January, ECB data shows

German 7-yr bond yields fall below zero as QE nears

Will Need E20 Billion In Credits In July - FAZ

Schaeuble: A bailout extension for Athens could be ditched if the country failed to stick to its promises

@ yanisvaroufakis on needing a "third way" between continuity (Germany) & change (Syriza). Great interview

Tsipras just got a taste of how tough it's going to be to keep SYRIZA united & implement deal with lenders

Debunked. €720ml were from February pensions payment.

After billions of outflows Greek banks see deposit inflows of €800mlm after deal.

's 10yr bund yields just hit fresh low at 0.29% as German paper will become a scarce asset in times of ECB QE

credit crunch continues to ease. Jan Private Sector Loans -0.1% vs -0.5% in Dec but neg for 32th cons mth.

continues as 10yr Bund yields near the lows mimicking Japan's experience of 1990s. 7y ylds turned neg

Greek aid extension opposed by 22 Merkel caucus members in test vote before friday's parliament vote. (BBG)

Club Neg. Proportion of eurozone government bond yields that are negative. HT

MORE: ready to sidestep , supply gas to

Cyprus opposes sanctions against Russia

BRICS likely to establish Parliamentary Assembly

Ukraine's Luhansk republic switches to multicurrency financial system — leader

Around 1000 ppl rally outside council, demand resignation of mayor Klitschko over econ hardship, price hikes


Ukraine’s Naftogaz should look for money to prepay for gas supplies — Gazprom

'ready to take gas supply to Donbas out of [Kiev debt] discussion'