Saturday, February 7, 2015

Iraq / Syria Regional War ( Weekend Report - 2/7/15 & 2/8/15 ) - Focus on main battlefields in Iraq and Syria ....... ISIS / Jihadists aspect draws Yemen / Jordan / Lebanon / Egypt / Libya into view


Jordan Escalation May Lead to Surge in Attacks




Air Force jets fly again, now under Houthi control. We'll find out if news of Saudi-supplied Grail & Strela missiles to Marib is true

BREAKING: Security commission in considers occupied territory, says will resist rebels.

Gulf countries denounce Shiite rebel’s ’coup’ in Yemen

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said that Yemen's Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi must be restored as president.

Saudis Unswayed by Houthi Rebels’ Overture in Yemen: Rebel leaders announced on Saturday that...


Shiite Coup in Yemen: $400 mn. in US Weaponry Falls into Houthi Hands -


The U.S. has provided more than $400 million in weapons to Yemen since 2006, according to congressional research estimates, including helicopters, night-vision and surveillance technology, military radios and transport aircraft.

BREAKING: Heavy deployment of militants in as calls spread to reject militia’s decrees -

BREAKING: capture 17 activists in protests opposing the militia. -

's al dissolve parliament, announce formation of national council



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Libya risking bankruptcy as oil price drops, instability reigns - Western allies say


Images today from as Army advances to seize control of port & areas previously controlled by AS..

Detailed analysis from : The good (yes, good) and bad news for Libya’s Geneva talks and the search for peace

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: the Libyan army has taken full control of the port of , militants continue to lose ground

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Karama/Govt tensions: Hiftar's forces tried to block PM Thinni's visit to Benghazi, stopped convoy on way back

Two million people, a third of Libya's population, may have been affected by internal conflict – i

Iraq / Syria / Lebanon / Jordan ....


Kurds seize third of villages around Kobani from ISIS

Lebanese Army receives weapon shipment

has begun retreating their forces from all fronts to commander reveals.

Rockets fall on Damascus

Reports: seizes passport of journalist trying to visit

2/7/15 ....

— Coalition warplanes are intensely shelling , has begun evacuating the city centre —...

Photos for targeting north of Raqqa ( Division 17 ) by the coalition warplanes .

The US military has deployed aircraft and troops to to boost its ability to rescue downed coalition pilots

ISIS running Shariah court in Arsal in bid to win hearts and minds

on alert for 5 potential suicide bombers: report

Gulf embassy in Beirut receives terrorism warning: report

A look at the Middle East issues Congress will be addressing the week of Feb. 9

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